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Current Projects

The CCA’s Development Committee keeps us up-to-date on projects impacting Carlington residents. Below you will find information on projects awaiting zoning by-law amendments, site plan approvals or completion of construction.

The latest copy of the zoning map for Carlington is from March 2020 (PDF, 560Kb).

For more information on any of these projects, please send an email to:

966-974 Fisher Avenue

  • Application Number: D02-02-18-0024
  • Status:   Application approved (December 2019); Site Plan not yet submitted.
  • Project Type:  Demolition and new construction

(Last updated: February 2020)  The development proposes the demolition of the existing housing on the property and the construction of two 19-unit, 3-storey rental apartment buildings.  Each building contains 13 automobile parking spaces with 26 bicycle parking spaces provided in the parking areas and 14 spaces exterior to the buildings. The height of the building is to be 9.37m.

On December 12, the City’s Planning Committee approved the proposed development.  City Council approved the application on January 29, 2020. The Site Plan has not yet been submitted to the City.

1110 Fisher Avenue (2019 proposal)

  • Application Number:  D02-02-19-0059
  • Status:   Application proposal approved. Decision being appealed.
  • Project Type:  New construction

(Last updated: August 2020)  The owner of 1110 Fisher Avenue property filed a second development proposal with the City of Ottawa, this time for a 9-storey apartment building, containing 62 residential units and 3 levels of underground parking with 65 parking spaces. The Zoning By-Law Amendment was to change the current zoning designation from Residential Third Density Zone, Subzone A, Exception 2229 (R3A [2229]) to Residential Fifth Density Zone, Subzone B, Maximum height 32 metres (R5B H32), which would permit a mid-rise apartment building with a maximum height of 32 metres. A mid-rise apartment dwelling is defined as a 5- to 9-storey dwelling structure.

After the second proposal was filed, a public meeting was held in July 2019 and many concerns were raised. Our City Councillor met with the applicant in August 2019 to discuss these concerns. The applicant was firm in his resolve to not change his application; the City Councillor told him point blank that he cannot support this application as is. In the meantime, the City Planner commented on that application; the applicant submitted a revised application before Christmas 2019.

In January 2020, the City Councillor met with the applicant about the revised application; he found very little difference between the 2 applications, and very little that addressed local community concerns. The City Planner will again submit his comments on this 2nd application and the City  Councillor will be meeting with the applicant soon. As well, he is contacting the applicant’s representatives to re-iterate the community concerns.

The second application was approved by the City’s Planning Committee in July 2020.  However, this approval is being appealed by Mary Ann Turnbull of the Turnbull School, and by immediate neighbours.  Be advised that it will take a year or more before the appeal is heard.

For more details about the second proposal, please see the relevant section of Riley Brockington’s report from the Feb 18, 2020, CCA General Meeting and of Riley Brockington’s report from the Sept 22, 2020, CCA Annual General Meeting.


1186 Shillington Avenue

  • Application Number:   D07-12-19-0142
  • Status:   Application proposal stage
  • Project Type:  Addition to an already-existing building

(Last updated: October 2019) This application is for adding a third storey to an existing 2-storey apartment building, increasing the number of apartments from 8 to 16.

1295 Summerville Avenue

  • Application Number:  D07-12-19-0142
  • Status:   Site Plan Application approved
  • Project Type:  New construction

(Last updated: February 2020) The Site Plan application is for building an infill, 3-storey low-rise apartment building to the east of the existing apartment building at 1295 Summerville.  The new building will contain 18 new units.

1305 Summerville Avenue

  • Application Number:  D07-12-19-0048
  • Status:   Application approved (February 2020)
  • Project Type:  New construction

(Last updated:  April 2020)  The application is for an in-fill, 18-unit, 3-storey apartment building, east of the existing apartment building.  The applicant proposes a 5-space surface parking lot, landscaped and communal areas in the front and rear yard and a 1.5 metre wide walkway to access a barrier-free suite, bicycle parking and garbage storage. The minimum required parking is being provided for the application. The applicant also intends to apply for a severance for the new building; width of 18.53 metres and lot area of 762.21 square metres. A minor variance will also be required for reduced interior side yard setbacks from both the east and west lot lines.

In September 2019, Consent and Minor Variance applications were granted. The Site Plan was approved February 2020.

1130 Carling Avenue (2nd Chance Auto)

  • Application Number:  D07-12-20-0063
  • Status:   Zoning by-law amendment and new Site Plan awaiting approval
  • Project Type:  Demolition and new construction

(Last updated:  May 2020)  The new development application is for the southwest corner at 1330 Carling Avenue and Archibald Street, currently occupied by 2nd Chance Auto Sales.  It’s for a 24-storey mixed-use building with commercial uses at-grade and 175 residential units above. It will have a five-storey podium and a tower, with an outdoor amenity area on the roof of the podium, and an internal amenity area as well.

Parking will be located underground with some surface parking spaces for retail use.  The Zoning By-law Amendment will be to permit the building and to reduce parking from 82 to 52 spaces (8 surface spots for retail, 18 visitor spots and 36 residential spots). The proposed tower is slender and is set back a similar distance from the low-rise homes fronting Thames Street.

More detailed information and project drawings can be found in the Public Notification Package (PDF file, 2MB).


Best Western Plus Hotel (1272 Carling Avenue)

  • Application Number:  D07-12-19-0153
  • Status:   Site Plan approved
  • Project Type:  New construction

(Last updated: September 2020)  The site plan application is for a two-storey addition above the hotel’s north wing, to accommodate 24 additional guest rooms. The proposal will also remove one existing exit onto Carling Avenue. The current parking lot is to be reconfigured with additional landscaping and three additional parking spaces.

Carlington Heights Pump Station Upgrade

  • Location:  Top of Carlington Hill in Carlington Park
  • Status:  Construction not yet started
  • Project Type:  New construction, old structure to be demolished



(Last updated: September 2019)  A new, larger pump station will be constructed at the top of Carlington Hill (close to the existing pump station) so that it can provide adequate emergency supply to the City’s various water pressure zones in the future. Water mains will be re-routed to the new pump station.  Once the new station is operational, the old pump station will be demolished about 6 months later.

In May 2017, the City of Ottawa gave an information session about this project. Construction was supposed to start in 2019; now the construction date is unknown. For more information about this project, please see the City of Ottawa website.

Civic Hospital: New Campus

  • Location: 930 Carling Ave. & 520 Preston St.
  • Status:   Stage 2 of 5
  • Project Type:  New construction, 5 years of planning and 5 years of construction


(Last updated:  May 2019)  The subject property was formerly zoned Arterial Mainstreet, Mixed-Use Centre, Central Experimental Farm subzone and Parks and Open Space. In the spring of 2018, this site was rezoned to Major Institutional Zone.  A site plan application is now under review. The Ottawa Hospital is currently working on the procurement for Transportation and Environmental assessment studies.

For more information, please see the website.

864 Lady Ellen Place

  • Application Number: D07-12-19-0097
  • Status:   Site Plan approved
  • Project Type:  New construction
(Last updated:  March 2020)  The proposal is to construct a new 5-storey office building with a maximum height of 23.5 meter on the eastern portion of the site. There will be a total of 240 vehicular parking spaces provided in a surface lot. The new building will be net zero energy, net zero carbon and constructed of mass timber. It is intended to use greywater, rainwater, cool roof, air-source heat pumps, solar hot water heaters, indoor bicycle lockers and permeable paving surfaces.  

Larkin, Larose and Lepage Infrastruction Project

  • Replacement  of sanitary and storm sewers, and watermains: City of Ottawa link
  • Status:   Work to begin: As of September 2020, postponed until 2021
  • Project Type:  Street re-construction

(Last updated:  September 2020)  The sanitary and storm sewers as well as watermains are to be replaced, having reached end of service life, on the following three streets:

  • Larkin Street, between Laperriere and Lepage
  • Larose Avenue, between Larkin and McBride
  • Lepage Avenue, between Larkin and Cavan

The roadways on Lepage and Larose will be fully reconstructed to match what is currently there. The west side of Larkin will have a new curb and sidewalk.

Total cost of City’s investment is $6 million.

Merivale North Community Design Plan (CDP)

  • Location: Merivale Road between Caldwell and Carling Avenues
  • Status:   Approved by City Council (June 2018), completion target date: +/-20 years
  • Project Type:  Community Design Plan

The purpose of the CDP is to establish a vision and planning framework to guide future growth, guide placemaking, enable sustainable modes of transportation and support economic prosperity in the CDP area. It provides guidelines that translate the broad policies of the Official Plan to the neighbourhood level. It is comprised of maps, illustrations and guidelines that, for example, provide direction for future infill development, grassroots economic development initiatives, improving pedestrian and cycling facilities, supporting transit and enhancing the public realm through future implementation of a complete street design.

The CDP and the zoning by-law amendments were approved by City Council in June 2018. More information about the CDP can be found on the City of Ottawa website.

Travelodge Ottawa West Hotel

  • Location: 1354 and 1376 Carling Avenue
  • Application Number: D07-12-17-0041 
  • Status:   Approved. Unknown when contruction will start
  • Project Type:  Demolition and new construction

(Last updated: September 2020)  The developer is proposing a total of five buildings on the site: three towers of 20, 20 and 22 storeys on 6-storey podiums along Carling Avenue, and two 8-storey buildings backing onto the low-rise neighbourhood along Thames Street. The development would consist of 899 apartments with 587 underground parking spaces. The zoning by-law amendment was approved by the City of Ottawa’s planning committee on August 28th, 2018.

In the spring of 2019, the zoning and site plan application was approved. A public meeting was held October 3, 2019, outlining construction plans and timelines, and day-to-day operations. Contact Councillor Riley Brockington ( for a summary of the public meeting. The project is currently awaiting construction.

Phase One takes place on the east side (one 20-storey building and one 8-storey building with underground parking. At this time, it is unknown when contruction is to start. The Travelodge will remain in operation during Phase One.

Westgate Shopping Centre (1309 Carling Avenue)


(Last updated:  April 2020)  There are five towers proposed on this site: two fronting onto Carling Avenue with a proposed height of 24 storeys and, at the rear of the property, three high-rise towers, one at a height of 24 storeys and two with heights of 36 storeys.
The Westgate secondary plan, which includes the south side of Carling Avenue and the zoning by-law amendment for the Westgate redevelopment, were both approved by City Council in 2017.
The Phase 1 Site Plan was approved in October 2019, and construction has started.

To learn more about this project, please see the City of Ottawa website.

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