Safety and Security

Make the Right Call:

(Information from Ottawa Police Services)

First: Decide what kind of service you require from the 3 choices below.

A.  Emergency / Fire / Crime in Progress:   Call 911

B.  Non-emergency:  Call 613.236.1222 ex 7300

             TTY: 613.760.8100.

C.  Any of the below:

      File a report ONLINE

  • Theft from a motor vehicle
  • Lost property (with serial number or personalized engraving)
  • Traffic complaints
  • Mischief/damage to property
  • Drug Complaints
  • Fraud Complaints
  • Hate Crimes
  • and more…


Ottawa Police Services and By-law Services base their work on call statistics. The more calls we make, the more neighbourhood services we receive.

 Remember these 3 steps when calling the Police:

  • Decide which number to call.
  • Get a report number: When the dispatcher answers, ask for a report number immediately. (The dispatcher might hang up before you get a chance later on, so do it right away.)
  • Share your report number/incident with Neighbourhood Watch, if you are a member. Email or telephone your Block Captain or your Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator.

I want to call the police but I want to be anonymous

There are 4 ways to do this:

    • When you call the police at 613.236.1222, ask to remain anonymous. You can also ask that the responding officers to not contact you, or to visit you at your home. However, please remember that withholding this information may limit the efficiency of the investigation.
    • Dial *67 before dialing the number you are calling. Your personal information will not show up on Caller ID.  Note: this does not work when you are calling 911.
    • You can call from a pay phone.
    • Call CrimeStoppers.
      (613.233.TIPS / 1.800.222.8477 / Mobile App: “P3 tips Mobile” is available for Androids and iPhones)
      This is a non-profit organization that works independently from the policy.  They do not use Call Display, trace emails or record telephone conversations. You can do this from home. No one will ever contact you. You receive a numerical code to use if you email or call back later with an update.  If your information leads to an arrest, you can receive a cash reward.  When you give them your code number, you are given a location to pick up an envelope containing cash. More information is available on Facebook, on Twitter and on YouTube.

Did you know???

As of October 2019, Carlington has its own Neighbourhood Resource Team.

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Tip:  You can find all kinds of safety and crime-prevention information on the Ottawa Police Services website (

Information about other types of emergencies


  • If you smell gas, call 1.866.763.5427 (Enbridge): call if you smell natural gas, suspect carbon monoxide or a damaged pipeline.
  • Power failure: Call Hydro Ottawa 24/7 at 613.738.0288 to report a power outage and for information on current outages.
  • Poison:  Call 1.800.268.9017 (Poison Information Ontario)
  • Child Exploitation:  Contact, Canada’s national tipline for reporting online exploitation of children:

Other reasons to call someone


  • Dial 211 on your phone (free) for access to a full range of non-emergency community, social, health, and government services.
  • Call the City of Ottawa by dialling 311 or email your concern to:  This is how to reach customer service for the City of Ottawa. Find out about or report on issues such as:
    • parking,
    • snow plowing
    • noise
    • dog and cat problems
    • graffiti (already done)
    • fence regulations
    • trimming of city trees
    • street or sidewalk repair
    • water and sewer issues
    • street lighting
    • pickup of needles and crack pipes
    • etc.
  • By-Laws: A to Z:  To view all City of Ottawa By-Laws, see
  •  Traffic Problems: Report traffic problems such as: speeding cars, cars running stop signs or passing stopped school buses dropping off children. Police appreciate any additional information that can be provided about specific times or days of the week when the problem most often occurs.
  • Graffiti:  All graffiti should be reported.  Call 911 if you see someone doing graffiti. Call 311 or e-mail if you see someone has done graffiti.  To get a free kit to remove graffiti: call 311 or email
  • Damage to OC Transpo buses or bus shelters:
    • Call 911 if you see someone damaging a bus shelter or doing graffitti.
    • Call OC Transpo at 613.741.2478 to report vandalism or graffiti already done to bus shelters or buses. DO NOT CALL 311.
  • Get free access to a Registered Nurse:  Call Telehealth Ontario 24/7 at 1.866.797.0000 .  Only call for non-emergencies.
  • Planning some construction around your house?  It’s free —  Call Before You Dig (24/7): Ontario One Call, 1.800.400.2255 or
  • Prostitution and Problem Addresses:  Before contacting the Police, write down important information such as: vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers (specify Ontario or Quebec) of anyone soliciting prostitutes, descriptions of drug dealers and addresses of problem houses.
  • Neighbourhood Watch:  If you are interested in Neighbourhood Watch, contact the Parkwood Hills Community Police Centre at 613-236-1222, ext. 5870, and leave a message. Someone will call you back.
  • All Valuables Removed Program:  By putting a special “All Valuables Removed” card in the windshield of your car, you alert a thief that there is nothing in your car to steal. It also reminds you to lock your car and remove all valuables.  Most thefts are from unlocked cars. Warning cards are available at Community Police Centres, police stations, or by email request.

Crime-related information

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