About Carlington

Carlington is a residential neighbourhood in the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  The red area in the map to the right shows the boundaries of the area covered by the Carlington Community Association.  Details of these boundaries are:

  • North:  Carling Avenue from Fisher Avenue to Clyde Avenue.
  • West:  Straight south along the line of Clyde Avenue, from Carling Avenue to the NCC bicycle path.
  • South:  The NCC bicycle path eastwards from the line of Clyde Avenue to Merivale Road.
  • East:  Fisher Avenue, from Carling Avenue to the NCC bicycle path by Trent Avenue

It is known for having many “war homes” or “veteran homes”, built for returning soldiers after World War II. Many street names reflect this military history.

Another landmark is the Carlington Hill. Formerly it had a ski tow lift; now it is an approved City of Ottawa sledding site.

Carlington is quite a large community in the Ottawa region; the number of amenities we have reflects that.

CCA boundaries (in red)
(Click here to see a larger map.)

Note: As of June 2022, at the time of the Ottawa municpal elections, the area shown on this map in blue (Westgate) will be added to River Ward 16, and to the area the CCA covers.