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Archived Projects

Note: We only keep projects from the last few years on this page, for reference purposes.  New projects are located on the Current Projects page.

Carling and Kirkwood (North) Intersection Redesign

Construction started Autumn 2021.

(Last updated:  August 2021)  Purpose of redesign is to prevent traffic using Carling/Kirkwood exit from Queensway west-bound from making a left turn south onto Kirkwood.  A median will be installed so that traffic exiting the Queensway must travel west to Saigon Court in order to use Carling east-bound to turn onto Kirkwood south.  Saigon Court will be widened to accommodate new traffic.

As part of this redesign,  a traffic light is being installed at the Saigon/Carling east-bound intersection.



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Embassy West Senior Living

  • Location: 1400 Carling Avenue
  • Status:   Approved, construction finish date unknown
  • Project Type:  New construction



(Last updated: May 2019)  The owner plans to add a 10-storey tower on the west side and a 12-storey tower to the east side of the existing 5-storey building. This application was approved by City Council in 2017. Zoning has been approved and the project is under construction.

Farmside Green (Kingston Avenue)

  • Location:  Kingston Ave (official address: 1132 Fisher Avenue)
  • Application Number: D02-02-17-0089 (approved)
  • Status:   Construction started
  • Project Type:  Housing development, new construction

(Last updated: September 2020)  RND Construction has approval for a housing development on Kingston Avenue at the rear of the Turnbull School property. The development is on an 80m-stretch of vacant land (excess of the school property) at the southeast end of Kingston Ave. This land backs onto the Experimental Farm.

Nine homes will be constructed (three singles and three semi-detached). The proximity of the creek and the engineering of a drainage swale on the east side of the property eliminated one of the single family homes from the development plan.

966-974 Fisher Avenue

  • Application Number: D02-02-18-0024
  • Status:   Application approved (December 2019); Site Plan not yet submitted.
  • Project Type:  Demolition and new construction

(Last updated: February 2020)  The development proposes the demolition of the existing housing on the property and the construction of two 19-unit, 3-storey rental apartment buildings.  Each building contains 13 automobile parking spaces with 26 bicycle parking spaces provided in the parking areas and 14 spaces exterior to the buildings. The height of the building is to be 9.37m.

On December 12, the City’s Planning Committee approved the proposed development.  City Council approved the application on January 29, 2020. The Site Plan has not yet been submitted to the City.

1132 Fisher Avenue

  • Location: Between Fisher Avenue and Chevrier Street.
  • Status:  Approved
  • Project Type:  New construction

(Last updated:  December 2018)  The developer proposed building a total of ten two-storey homes fronting onto Kingston Avenue. Four single detached homes are located along the eastern portion of the site and three semi-detached buildings are located along the western portion of the site.

The development required a zoning by-law amendment and a site plan application. The application was approved.

Laperriere and McBride Three-Way Stop

  • (Last updated: May 2021) This intersection may get a 3-way stop; traffic volume has to be assessed to see if it meets qualifications.  Riley Brockington is going before the Transportation Committee in June 2021.

Merivale Beautification Projects

(Last updated: February 2020) Carlington was given a sum of money from the City of Ottawa to improve 3 areas along Merivale. The design uses similar elements such as benches, armour stone and landscaping features to create a connection along the street. Comments from Carlington residents contained some common themes:

  • Pedestrian and community safety
  • A need for more trees for greenery and to provide shade
  • Additional seating especially at bus stops
  • Common design features along the street
  • Low maintenance design

A summary for each project can be found below.  Most of the work has been completed, despite the cold and snow in late fall; remaining work will be completed in spring 2020.

Merivale Beautification Project 1:

Merivale/Carling “Triangle”


(Last updated: April 2019) A pedestrian crossing will be added at Merivale and Viscount Avenue, connect to a sidewalk through the trianglened throughout the winter. The one-way section of Merivale will be narrowed. Armour stone walls along the new sidewalk can act as informal seating. Armour stone at the southern tip of the triangle will create a barrier from traffic.

The current landscaping will be replaced with drought resistant plants and conifer trees.

A bench will be added to the existing bus stop in the triangle in anticipation of the increase of residents after the Westgate redevelopment. An additional waiting area will be added behind the bus stop across the street, with armour stone added along the back edge to define the waiting area and to provide informal seating with shade.

Merivale Beautification Project 2:

Merivale Circle


(Last updated: April 2019)  New coniferous trees will be planted in the circle and armour stone placed along the edge of the circle to prevent illegal snow dumping and to prevent cars from driving over the curb. The curb will be replaced and the sidewalk will be repaired.

Merivale Beautification Project 3:

Corner of Merivale Road and Kirkwood Avenue


(Last updated: April 2019)  A new plaza will be created with a small retaining wall along the parking area and a row of trees planted along that wall, as a buffer from the parking area and to provide shade. Armour stone will be placed along the sidewalk as informal seating. Benches will be placed to take advantage of the shade from the new trees. The sidewalk will also be repaired. The bench at the bus stop along Kirkwood Avenue will be replaced and an additional bench on the north side of the bus shelter on Merivale Road will be added.

In the median area in the middle of Merivale Road, deciduous trees will be planted in the median and large riverstone will be added to the narrow portion of the median.

OMBA Bike Park on Carlington Hill

  • Status:   Completed
  • Project Type:  New construction

(Last updated:  September 2019)  Ottawa City Council approved the construction of a mountain bike pump track and skills area in Carlington park by the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association (OMBA) on September 28, 2016.  The OMBA has received grants from various sources but needs additional funding to move forward with construction.

Construction took place during summer 2019 and the park was officially opened in September 2019.

Parklane Apartment (1095 Merivale Road)

  • Application Number:   none at the moment
  • Status:   Planning stage
  • Project Type:  Renovation and expansion of an already-existing building

(Last updated: May 2021) The Shepherds of Good Hope have purchased the building and plan to renovate and expand it. They will present plans shortly to the Community Development Framework.

1305 Summerville Avenue

  • Application Numbers:  D07-12-19-0048 and D07-12-19-0142
  • Status:   Application approved (February 2020)
  • Project Type:  New construction

(Last updated:  April 2020)  The application is for an in-fill, 18-unit, 3-storey apartment building, east of the existing apartment building.  The applicant proposes a 5-space surface parking lot, landscaped and communal areas in the front and rear yard and a 1.5 metre wide walkway to access a barrier-free suite, bicycle parking and garbage storage. The minimum required parking is being provided for the application. The applicant also intends to apply for a severance for the new building; width of 18.53 metres and lot area of 762.21 square metres. A minor variance will also be required for reduced interior side yard setbacks from both the east and west lot lines.

In September 2019, Consent and Minor Variance applications were granted. The Site Plan was approved February 2020.

Travelodge Ottawa West Hotel

  • Location: 1354 and 1376 Carling Avenue
  • Application Number: D07-12-17-0041
  • Status: Approved. Construction will be in two phases. Unknown when contruction will start.
  • Project Type: Demolition and new construction

(Last updated: May 2021) The developer is proposing a total of five buildings on the site: three towers of 20, 20 and 22 storeys on 6-storey podiums along Carling Avenue, and two 8-storey buildings backing onto the low-rise neighbourhood along Thames Street. The development would consist of 899 apartments with 587 underground parking spaces. The zoning by-law amendment was approved by the City of Ottawa’s planning committee on August 28th, 2018.

In the spring of 2019, the zoning and site plan application was approved. A public meeting was held October 3, 2019, outlining construction plans and timelines, and day-to-day operations. Contact Councillor Riley Brockington ( for a summary of the public meeting. The project is currently awaiting construction.

Phase One is located on the east side (one 20-storey building and one 8-storey building with underground parking. It is now site-plan-approved and construction is beginning (estimated to last 24 months). The Travelodge will remain in operation during Phase One. There are now road closures on Meath and Archibald Streets.