Greening (plus recycling?? plus Climate Change??)  [title will be re-written to match content further along]


Local Green Organizations:


    Ottawa-based organizations:
    • EnviroCentre Their activities and programs focus on four main areas: green homes, green transportation, green lifestyles and green business.
    • Future Homes Ottawa: Funded in part by the Ottawa Climate Action Fund, and in partnership with the City of Ottawa, this program is meant to raise community awareness around deep retrofits, improve the supports in place for homeowners who want to complete a retrofit, and support the creation of neighbourhood demonstration projects where local residents can learn from their neighbours about the realities of a deep retrofit project. Carlington is one of two Ottawa neighbourhoods chosen for the neighbourhood demonstration projects.
    • Green Ottawa Directory: A volunteer-run organization that consolidates everything green/sustainable/eco-friendly/renewable/natural/organic in Ottawa. Whether for fun, work, politics or profit — how to get connected? Green Ottawa was created to do just that.


    Friends of Carlington Woods