Development and Planning Projects

1240 Carling Avenue (at Merivale)

  • Project Type:  Demolition and new construction
  • Application Number: D07-12-23-0089
  • Status:   Site Plan Control
  • Last updated:  July 2023

Details: The proposed development is a purpose-built rental, 3-storey low-rise apartment building with 18 units. No parking is required; however, a short-term visitor parking or pick-up/ drop-off space is proposed off Merivale Road. A waste management room is proposed within the building adjacent the visitor parking space with direct access to the Merivale Road frontage to facilitate municipal curbside collection. 18 bicycle parking spaces are proposed for residents within the building. A communal amenity area is proposed at the rear of the building and is supplemented by private balcony space.

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