The City will be issuing a tree permit for the Advanced Works for the Ottawa Hospital new campus development
(D07-12-22-0168). This is the third tree permit that has been issued for the development of the site (the others were in March 2022 and November 2022). The Advanced Works will facilitate the construction of the central utility plant (Phase 3) and main hospital building (Phase 4).

Since this is federal land, the City’s Tree Protection By-law does not apply; however, to meet federal lease requirements the Ottawa Hospital is following the City’s regular planning and development process, including tree protection and tree removal.


  • Approximately 203 trees will be removed under the tree permit for the Advanced Works projects.
  • 22 tree removals will occur on Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada property.
  • 16 trees were successfully relocated from the hospital site to the experimental farm in November 2023.
  • Related to the Advanced Works projects, 1072 trees will be retained.
  • Compensation for the tree removals will follow the overall compensation strategy of 40% tree canopy cover on and around the site in 40-years.
  • Following the construction of the main hospital building and central utility plant (Phase 3 & 4), approximately 1129 trees will be planted.
  • Additional tree removals and relocations will be approved as part of the Early Works that are scheduled in advance of the main hospital building construction.