As many will already know, Carlington is a special neighbourhood built for returning veterans and their families after the Second World War and was recently designated as a Veterans Heritage Character Area by the City of Ottawa.

The video (January 23, 2023) explains what a Heritage Character Area is and how it was developed and applied to Carlington, a neighbourhood that has managed to remain intact in the face of development pressures. The speakers also explain what a Heritage Character Area can mean to our city.

The presenters, Avery Marshall and Greg MacPherson (see their biographies further down), will provide some background on how Veteran Housing Communities came to be built in Canada at a time of considerable need. Their distinctive pattern of curved streets, ellipses, median islands and uniform housing forms helped shape early postwar urban planning.



Avery Marshall is a public sector heritage practitioner with over a decade of experience conducting historical research and interpreting collections. Her focus areas include Ottawa’s built heritage, local commemoration, and public art. She is the Heritage Register Coordinator for the City of Ottawa and a member of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals.

Greg MacPherson is a Heritage Planner with the City of Ottawa. His experience includes leading heritage permit approvals for development applications, researching and writing statements of cultural heritage value for property designations, and heritage related policy work. He holds a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from the University of Waterloo and is currently completing a Master of Arts in Canadian Studies with a focus on heritage conservation at Carleton University.