Come to clean up, stay for spring ephemerals!

On Saturday May 7 between 10 am and noon, join the Friends of Carlington Woods as they clean up the woods, then enjoy the benefit of your hard work with a free Spring Ephemeral walk at 12:30.

Spring ephemerals are wildflowers like trillium, trout lily and bloodroot, which are only up for a very short period of time each year.

Carlington Park Clean-up
Saturday, May 7, 2022
10:00 to noon

Two locations:

  1. Meet at the Edgecliffe entrance (top of the metal staircase) to Carlington Park. Supplies will be set up on one of the boulders.
  2. Morisset Avenue entrance (west end). Supplies will be set up by the City gates.

A sign pointing out garbage bin locations will be posted at both sites, so you can drop off your filled garbage bags where it is most convenient.

Spring Ephemeral Walk
Saturday, May 7, 2022
12:30 p.m.
Meeting point: the gates at the western end of Morisset Avenue.

Clean-up Tips: Litter pickers are great for reaching into tight spaces. Buckets can collect a lot of trash and are often easier to carry than a garbage bag…and they don’t split!
Safety: Wear gloves. Tick alert! Tuck pants into socks or wear boots.
Forest etiquette: If you must go off the main path to pick up trash, please watch where you step! The delicate spring ephemerals are emerging as well as lots of beneficial insects.

Trout Lily