About the CCA

September 6th, 2014

The Carlington Community Association is an incorporated non-profit organization maintained by volunteers who live in Carlington and care about what goes on in their community and city.

It provides a forum for discussion of local and municipal issues, a focus of dialogue with our city councillor (and sometimes our federal, provincial and school board politicians as well), and a framework for neighbourhood projects, activities and social events.

General meetings and Board meetings are held at the Alexander Community Centre, 960 Silver Street, Ottawa, generally on the third Wednesday of each month (except in July and August). The meeting in May is designated for the Annual General Meeting where the board reports to the community on activities of the preceding year and a new board of directors and president are elected to serve for the next year. (See the events section of the website for information on meeting dates and agenda.)

General meetings are open to all residents and business owners in the Carlington area. Only those who are registered members at the beginning of the meeting may propose or second a motion and vote.  Guest speakers are regularly invited to keep us informed on topics of importance to our community. Observers are welcome at board meetings, however these are primarily intended for the board to discuss the management of the association.

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