Caldwell Safety Meeting

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The Caldwell Family Centre & the Carlington Community Chaplaincy

Check out this Holiday Bazaar

Dec 2 from 9:00 to 12:00



Good Food Corner Store

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Haunted House

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8 and Under 5:30 to &Pm

8 and Up 7 to 8:30

Caldwell Gym 1520 Caldwell



Increase in theft from vehicles

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Carlington Residents:

The Ottawa Police Service are reporting that there has been an increase of theft from vehicles. The majority of the time it has been reported the door was unlocked, although the vehicle owner was sure the vehicle was left locked. In some newer models of vehicles that have the automatic walk away lock, it was reported this feature does not work consistently. It is an easy fix if your car is having this problem, however, this is an option/suggestion only.

The police want to remind people it is not your fault your vehicle is being broken into. Preventative measures can be taken by removing your valuables and double checking that the doors are locked. If you want an “All Valuables Removed” card you can pick them up at the Community Police office at the Hintonburg Community Centre at 1064 Wellington St. You may want to check to see if someone is in by calling 613 236 1222 ext 5871/5870/5290.

It is important to call in any suspicious persons in your neighbourhood who may be checking car doors or houses by dialing 613 236 1222. Please provide a description of the person(s) and last seen location. If you actually see them enter a car door or checking handles this is a crime in progress, please dial 911 with your information and keep an eye on the subject(s).

If your vehicle was in fact broken into, whether something was taken or not, the police appreciate you making an on-line report to assist them gather information on where officers are needed.


Directors for the Carlington Community Association Board of Directors

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Do you have skills that would add value to a small working Community Board? Just by living in Carlington you can bring value to the Board and the Association regardless of your background, especially if you want Carlington to be an inclusive welcoming community.

What makes a good neighbourhood is the people.

You can't have a neighbourhood where no one knows each other -that's just a 'people hive'...

Where people from all walks of life interact with each other - that's a neighbourhood."

- Bill Bakelaar


Older Adult Summit

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