Development and Transportation Projects

Kirkwood Avenue Traffic Calming/Redesign

  • Project Type:  Pavement marking reconfiguration to mark bike lanes and turning lanes
  • Location:  Kirkwood Avenue between Merivale and Carling Avenues
  • Status:   Planned for summer 2022
  • Last updated:  April 2022

Details: Because of chronic traffic volume and speed issues, in November 2021, City Councillor Riley Brockington got the City to reduce the speed limit down to 40km/hr. The City will assess truck traffic, especially to/from the Queensway, and devise new truck routes.

Riley also got the City to develop pavement marking reconfiguration to get Kirkwood traffic lanes down to 2 (from 4), create a middle turning lane and to use surplus space for bike lanes. On December 2, 2021, a public meeting was held to get feedback on this reconfiguration presentation; the meeting can be viewed at: Following the meeting, Riley reviewed feedback received during the meeting with Traffic Management Services and has worked on retweaking the reconfiguration. In March 2022, at the Transportation Committee meeting, the City presented its findings on heavy truck volumes and on viable options possibilities. The Accessibility Advisory Committee will review the new configuration as well.

Click here to see the updated reconfiguration images (PDF, 4Mb).

Click here to see Riley’s April 7, 2022, email to residents with details up the updates.


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