Neighbourhood Resource Team

Carlington has a Neighbourhood Resource Team

Each Neighbourhood Resource Team (NRT) consists of 8 officers and 1 sergeant, who have all received neighbourhood-specific training, including cultural awareness, so that they are familiar with their neighbourhood from the start.  Each person will serve a 5-year term in their neighbourhood (except for the Traffic Officer, who will serve a 7-year term).

  • 1 Community Police Officer (CPO)
  • 5 Constables
  • 1 School Resource Officer (SRO)
  • 1 Traffic Officer
  • 1 Sergeant


What They Will Be Doing

These officers will seldom use automobiles; they are supposed to be walking around your neighbourhood, getting to know the people in the neighbourhood.

Yes, the officers will be enforcing the law, but more often the goals are prevention and intervention.  If they encounter situations where a different City Service should be helping an individual or group, they will co-ordinate with that Service (for example, public health, harm reduction, etc.)


The NRT is a Pilot Project

The project’s primary objective is to implement a neighborhood policing program where OPS officers work in collaboration with the community to identify and address community-based problems, crimes, and social disorders.

In October 2019, the Ottawa Police Service introduced the NRT pilot project to Carlington. (The other 2 neighbourhoods are: Vanier/Overbrook and Heron Gate/South Ottawa.)  These 3 neighbourhoods were selected because of elevated rates of calls for service, property crimes, and violent incidents involving shootings, stabbings and homicides.

The pilot project will be independently evaluated and adjustments will be made based on those evaluations. If the pilot project is successful, this neighbourhood team concept will be rolled out to other neighbourhoods in Ottawa.


The Community Police Officer (CPO) is Still Your Main Point of Contact

The NRTs are designed to increase police presence and address community concerns about crime and social disorder. The CPO (Officer Darren Joseph) will still remain the single point of contact for each neighbourhood, and will work closely with community partners and NRT officers to increase the safety of these areas. This includes addressing issues like problem addresses, drug dealing and other incidents that require a coordinated response.


Other ways to contact the Carlington NRT

Although the main point of contact is our CPO, Constable Joseph, here are other ways to interact with the Carlington Neighbourhood Resource Team:

How to Contact our NR Team…

Community Policy Officer
Officer Darren Joseph

Best to contact him via email:

Office:  1064 Wellington Street West
Phone:  613.236.1222, ex. 5871