River Ward Street Names: Carling Avenue

The following is taken and modified from an article entitled “Rich History of River Ward’s Street Names”, in the November 2019 edition of City Councillor Riley Brockington’s Community Bulletin, for River Ward.

Rich History of River Ward’s Street Names


Carling Avenue
Carling Avenue was named after Sir John Carling who was born in 1928 in London, Ontario. He was the son of Thomas Carling, a farmer who emigrated from Yorkshire, England, in 1818, and who founded Carling Breweries in London, Ontario, using a family recipe.

Prior to Confederation in 1867, Carling was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada in 1858. After Confederation, he served as a Conservative Member of Parliament from 1872 to 1891, concurrently serving as Postmaster General from 1882 to 1885, and as Minister of Agriculture fromm 1885 to 1891. In this last capacity, Carling established the Ontario Agricultural College and the Central Experimental Fram.

Carling Avenue is 19 kilometers long and forms the northern boundary of River Ward between Preston Street and Churchill Avenue North.


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