Development and Transportation Projects

Westgate Shopping Centre (1309 Carling Avenue)

  • Project Type: Demolition and new construction
  • Status:   Phase 1 is complete; Phase 2 is still being planned
  • Last updated: June 2023

Details:  There are five towers proposed on this site: two fronting onto Carling Avenue with a proposed height of 24 storeys and, at the rear of the property, three high-rise towers, one at a height of 24 storeys and two with heights of 36 storeys.
The Westgate secondary plan, which includes the south side of Carling Avenue and the zoning by-law amendment for the Westgate redevelopment, were both approved by City Council in 2017.

The Phase 1 Site Plan was approved in October 2019, and construction started. Phase 1 was completed last 2022.

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