Development and Transportation Projects

1110 Fisher Avenue (2019 proposal)

  • Project Type: New construction
  • Application Number:  D02-02-19-0059
  • Status:   Application proposal approved. Decision was appealed and denied. Site plan awaiting approval.
  • Last Updated: February 2022

Details:  The owner of 1110 Fisher Avenue property filed a second development proposal with the City of Ottawa, this time for a 9-storey apartment building, containing 62 residential units and 3 levels of underground parking with 65 parking spaces. The Zoning By-Law Amendment was to change the current zoning designation from Residential Third Density Zone, Subzone A, Exception 2229 (R3A [2229]) to Residential Fifth Density Zone, Subzone B, Maximum height 32 metres (R5B H32), which would permit a mid-rise apartment building with a maximum height of 32 metres. A mid-rise apartment dwelling is defined as a 5- to 9-storey dwelling structure.

After the second proposal was filed, a public meeting was held in July 2019 and many concerns were raised. Our City Councillor met with the applicant in August 2019 to discuss these concerns. The applicant was firm in his resolve to not change his application; the City Councillor told him point blank that he cannot support this application as is. In the meantime, the City Planner commented on that application; the applicant submitted a revised application before Christmas 2019.

In January 2020, the City Councillor met with the applicant about the revised application; he found very little difference between the 2 applications, and very little that addressed local community concerns. The City Planner will again submit his comments on this 2nd application and the City  Councillor will be meeting with the applicant soon. As well, he is contacting the applicant’s representatives to re-iterate the community concerns.

The second application was approved by the City’s Planning Committee in July 2020.  However, this approval was appealed by Mary Ann Turnbull of the Turnbull School, and by immediate neighbours.  In December 2021, the appeal was denied. Prestige Homes is now permitted to build at this location. A site plan application is required.

For more details about the second proposal, please see the relevant section of Riley Brockington’s report from the Feb 18, 2020, CCA General Meeting and of Riley Brockington’s report from the Sept 22, 2020, CCA Annual General Meeting.

The developer is now considering a new, third concept of the site that will likely reduce the height and the mass.

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