Make The Right Call

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Ottawa Police Services (OPS) base their work on call statistics.  The more calls that you make, the more neighbourhood services we receive.

911 To report life threatening emergency or a crime in progress,

613-230-6211 other emergencies

TTY 232-1123

613-236-1222 EXT 7300 other calls to Ottawa Police, not emergencies, to report thefts, property damage, driving/traffic compliant, missing persons, stolen property, trespassers, a good number to call if something appears just not right or, for advice or, to make a report

Report traffic problems such as: speeding cars, cars running stop signs or passing stopped school buses dropping off children. Police appreciate any additional information that can be provided about specific times or days of the week when the problem most often occurs.

613-236-1222 EXT 5870 Const. Dawn Neilly , of Wellington Community Police Centre (1064 Wellington St.)     Office email

613-236-1222 EXT 5870 Eileen Reardon, Wellington Community Police Centre (Volunteer)

There are 3 steps to calling the Police.

  1. 1.   Decide which number to call.
  2. 2.   Get a report number.

When the dispatcher answers, it is a good idea to ask for a report number immediately.  We’ve found that dispatchers sometimes hang up before we get to ask for a number or we forget.  Asking for a report number right away solves this problem.

  1. 3.    If you are a member of neighbourhood watch we would appreciate if you would share your report number and incident.

Please e-mail or telephone your report numbers and a brief description of the incident to your Block Captain (if you have one), or your neighbourhood watch coordinator.  Neighbourhood watch would like to warn other members, as the criminal(s) may continue to commit the same or similar crimes in the neighbourhood. We do not give out identifying information from the victim. However a vigilant community will discourage repeat criminals.


If you want to give the Police information, but are afraid to or don’t want to be identified, there are several ways to do it.

1. If people call 613-230 6211 they can request that they remain “anonymous” and request that responding officers “do not contact complainant” or attend their location directly. That being said, without further information from the callers it can have the effect of limiting the investigation.

2.  Dialling *67 followed by 613…and the number you are calling and your information will not show up to the caller. Your name and number will be blocked from those you are calling (except 911).

3.    You can call Ottawa Police at the above numbers from a pay phone.

4.    Crime Stoppers

If you know something, but fear for your safety, telephone, text, e-mail Crime stoppers, a non-profit organization independent from the police. They do not use call display or trace e-mails or record telephone conversations. You can do this from home No one will contact you.

How Does it Work? A person with knowledge of a crime can e-mail or telephone to relay clues or information. The caller will remain anonymous. Their information will be identified only by number code. By referring to the code the caller may e-mail or call back later to get an update. If the information leads to an arrest, the person can receive a cash reward.  When the person gives the code number he/she is told to go to a certain location to pick up an envelope containing cash.

 613-233-TIPS or 1-800-222-8477: or text More information is available at, on Facebook and on YouTube.

t: @CrimeStoppersOT

f  National Capital Area Crime Stoppers


 Reporting Prostitution and Problem Addresses

All Carlington residents can support the Police by writing down and telephoning in important information such as: vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers (specify Ontario or Quebec) of anyone soliciting prostitutes, descriptions of drug dealers and addresses of problem houses.


Neighbourhood Watch

If you are interested in starting a new Neighbourhood Watch in your area, or joining an existing one, you should contact the Parkwood Hills Community Police Centre at the number listed above.


All Valuables Removed Program


In July of 2011 Ottawa Police launched the:  ALL VALUABLES REMOVED program.  Drivers put a card reading ALL VALUABLES REMOVED in the windshield of their car.  Besides alerting the thief, that there is nothing to steal in the car, it also reminds the driver to lock the car and remove all valuables.  Most thefts are from unlocked cars. Police encourage all of us to always lock our vehicles. We are encouraged to pick up a card at Parkwood Hills Community Police Centre or by emailing to request one.



Crime in Ottawa

If people are interested in knowing the crimes reported in their neighbourhood, the Ottawa Police suggest that you go to Enter your address, and follow instructions.


Crime Prevention

There is a wealth of information on personal safety such as home and neighbourhood, child, vehicle, recreational sport and activity safety, bicycle, road, school bus, internet, on-line shopping etc.


Related Useful Numbers:

211 a full range of non-emergency community, social, health, and government services

311 customer service for the city of Ottawa, By-Laws (issues such as: parking, snow ploughing, noise, dog and cat problems, report graffiti already done, fences regulations, trimming of city trees, street or sidewalk repair, water and sewer issues, street lighting, to pickup needles and crack pipes, etc)

For non emergency service you may find it easier to e-mail your concern to:

Graffiti - All graffiti should be reported.

911if you see someone doing graffiti.

311 or e-mail if you see someone has done graffiti.

To get a free kit to remove graffiti e-mail; or call 311

By-Law services base their work on call statistics.  The more calls that you make, the more neighbourhood services we receive.

By-Laws: A to Z

To view all By-Laws

Ottawa Fire Services 613-580-2860

OC Transpo:


613-741-2478 is a direct line to report incidents of vandalism or graffiti already done to bus shelters or buses. We should no longer call 311 for such incidents.


Thanks for assistance from Cst. Nethercott, CPO at Parkwood Hills, in the preparation of this document.

Grace McClelland-Crout, Coordinator, Viscount Eyes Neighbourhood Watch