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Laperriere Lumberjacks

January 3rd, 2013 Comments off

One of the things we love about the Carlington Cup is the opportunity to celebrate all that's great about our neighbourhood. Our history. Our streets. The people who've made it such a great place to live.

This year we're doing something different, something fun.

When you register a team in the Carlington Cup, you'll be assigned a team name based on a different street in Carlington. We'll have a whole tournament of Carlingtonians playing for the glory of a different street in our community.

We've had incredible help from an amazing young designer, Chris Mantil, who has gone to work designing team logos for each of our teams. Chris played in last year's tournament and went out of his way to volunteer to help us make this year's event an even bigger success. Thanks, Chris!

While I'd never dream of picking favourites, here's one of our exciting new team logos (and coincidentally, my street).

Check back here often, we'll be posting more of our amazing Carlington Cup team jerseys in the days ahead. Keep an eye on your mailbox--our flyers will be hitting houses all over Carlington in a bid to get the word out.

Register your team today!