What we do

October 7th, 2012

What does the Carlington Community Association do?

This is probably one of the most asked questions. In a nutshell, the CCA performs three primary roles:

Advocacy: promoting, mobilizing and engaging our community.
Connectivity: providing a forum for individuals to engage on matters they share in common.
Education: gathering, housing, producing and sharing knowledge.

What are your goals?

Members of the CCA have an ambitious agenda to celebrate and improve our community.All of our activities can be classified under one of the following five overreaching goals:

  1. Make Carlington a greener community.
  2. Make Carlington a safer community.
  3. Build a strong sense of community.
  4. Attract positive development and maintain the best of our community.
  5. Build a strong community association to serve as a catalyst for community improvement.

How are you working to achieve them?

  1. We're making Carlington greener by:
    • Adopting Alexander Park and committing to regular clean ups.
    • Planting more than 1000 donated tulip bulbs in newly created beds around our community.
  2. We're making Carlington safer by:
    • Hosting regular discussions and working with Ottawa Police Service and Neighbourhood Watch
    • Reporting graffiti
  3. We're building a strong sense of community by:
    • Organizing a series of popular annual events, including:
    • Hosting interesting and informative guests to speak on a wide range of topics at our meetings throughout the year
  4. We're working to attract positive development and maintain the best of our community by:
    • Launching a committee to consider and discuss new development in Carlington
    • Initiating special projects relating to the history, residences and natural features of Carlington.
  5. We're building a stronger community association by:
    • Growing our membership
    • Engaging local businesses and partners to support our activities
    • Engaging our community
Like what you see? Get involved! Here are three easy things you can do to make your community better:
  1. Show you support building a better Carlington by joining the CCA today!
  2. Sign up to our e-newsletter to hear the latest about what's going on in Carlington.
  3. Get in touch about volunteering! We want your energy.
Check out this three minute video about our success in 2011-12!

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