The Carlington Community Association is pleased to announce that, from an amazing pool of applications, two proposals were selected as recipients of the Annual Carlington Community Grant:

  • Merivale Triangle Garden Art: CCA volunteers maintain the gardens at the corner of Merivale and Carling, but several hydro poles detract from it. This proposal aims to paint the lower parts of the poles with images of foliage/flora to better integrate them into the gardens. As this location is a gateway into Carlington, the word “Carlington” could be included.

  • LGBTQ2S Art Installation at Merivale and Thames: To create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere in Carlington, this proposal aims to install and paint three or four fence posts in the circle of land at Merivale and Thames, ideally with a Carlington artist, with a rainbow motif in a show of pride in our LGBTQ2S community. The art could potentially be unveiled for Ottawa Pride Week 2022.

The Board looks forward to working with the successful applicants to support the projects as they develop and come to fruition.