The City of Ottawa is conducting a heritage study of the veterans’ housing subdivisions in Carlington North.

A public information session about the Study will be held via Zoom. At this first public meeting. Heritage Planning staff will introduce the project and answer questions.
Thursday, October 7, 2021
7:00 p.m.

Zoom Meeting (link is external)
Meeting ID: 853 1930 3817
Passcode: 963118


City Council directed Heritage Planning staff to conduct a heritage analysis of the veterans’ housing subdivisions in Carlington North to determine cultural heritage value and to consider strategies for conservation and commemoration.  The Heritage Study includes an inventory of the building stock, historical research and analysis of the streetscapes and neighbourhood context of these two wartime subdivisions.

The study area is generally the area bounded by Carling Avenue to the north, Anna and Fisher Avenue to the east, General and Marshall Avenue to the south and Merivale Road to the west. The area is primarily residential and consists mostly of houses built by Wartime Housing Limited following the Second World War.

Until October 19, take the City of Ottawa survey on this heritage study: