The City of Ottawa would like to know how we feel about having e-cargo bikes on our streets.

But before Council approves participation in the 5-year Ontario-wide pilot program and changes City of Ottawa by-laws to allow e-cargo bikes on our streets, it needs feedback from residents and business. The 5-year pilot program has been created by the Province of Ontario as a result of the new Bill 282 (Moving Ontarians More Safely Act), allowing e-cargo bikes to be used for the movement of goods and people, both personally and commercially.

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Based on the results of the survey, the City of Ottawa staff will bring forward a recommendation for consideration by Transportation Committee on September 1, 2021 and then for City Council consideration on September 8, 2021.

The Act and use of e-cargo bikes means that residents and businesses having the option of using e-cargo bikes instead of trucks, vans and cars. This supports the City’s objectives of encouraging more active and sustainable transportation and goods movement. Personal e-cargo bikes can help to fulfill families’ and households’ daily needs without a car. Commercial e-cargo bikes will be able to replace standard delivery trucks in dense urban environments. E-cargo bikes provide a promising opportunity to reduce traffic pressure on City streets and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.