As part of the City of Ottawa’s review of the Transportation Master Plan, an extensive review of the Active Transportation Network is being undertaken by City staff.

All members of Council, including our City Councillor, Riley Brockington, have been asked to identify Active Transportation priorities in their wards, which may include:

  • Rehabilitating existing sidewalks
  • Building brand new sidewalks
  • Rehabilitating multi-use pathways
  • Building brand new multi-use pathways
  • Rehabilitating existing cycling infrastructure
  • Building brand new cycling infrastructure

In addition, the City wants to better understand:  pedestrian missing links; cycling missing links; major barriers to Active Transportation such as water bodies or highway crossings; and neighbourhood shortcuts requested.


Please send the precise locations to the CCA at
Deadline: Wednesday, May 26, 2021,
by noon.

These priorities will be submitted to the City by Riley on May 28, so please honour the deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact Riley’s office:
Phone: 613-580-2486