The Ottawa Public Library is asking the Library’s Board to approve exploration of library services for the Carlington area.

In 2020, the Ottawa Public Library committed to create a Facilities Master Plan, examining Ottawa’s public and staff library needs as well as planning for the increase in Ottawa’s population in the coming years.

The recent online survey of Carlington residents about what they would like to see in a renovated Alexander Community Centre indicated a great interest in a local Library branch in Carlington. City Councillor Riley Brockington, during a recent City Budget 2020 meeting, also indicated his desire to have the Ottawa Public Library assess Carlington’s library service needs.

At that 2020 Budget meeting, Library staff committed to a high-level analysis of library services, as part of the FMP process, and indicated that staff will work with City counterparts to explore opportunities, and if feasible, a report will be brought back to the Board. One of the first steps of the analysis is getting the Library’s Board approval to explore the provision of library services to the Carlington community comprised of highly marginalized populations. Services to be explored include physical services driven by new technologies, as well as costs related to fit up and occupancy.

If the Board agrees to this recommendation, and the assessment takes place, the results will be available in the fall of 2021.