Following the success of the recent Scavenger Hunt, we are happy to announce the up-coming Outdoor Community Treasure Hunt.

  • Families of all shapes and sizes are welcome to participate, even families with only one person!
  • Eligible submissions will be entered for a draw for gift certificates for amazing local businesses in Carlington.
  • Runs for TWO WEEKS, from Saturday, July 18, 2020, to Monday, August 3. It’s outdoors, but please remember to maintain social distancing.

How the Treasure Hunt works:

  • Go to the start point for a Quadrant (listed below) and find the laminated instructions. “Collect” the letters (usually in the top right-hand corner of the instructions – but not always!) and solve the clue in order to find out where the next stop point is.
  • At each stop point, collect one or more letters and continue solving the clues to get to the next point. (There are 6 to 11 stop points for each Treasure Hunt.)
  • At the end, unscramble the letters to discover the secret word.
  • To be eligible for the draw, submit at least ONE Quadrant’s secret word before 11:59 pm on Monday, August 3, 2020.
  • Submit your answers via our online Treasure Hunt form.
  • Alternatively, via email to:
  • Or drop off your answers at 1499 Larose Avenue.
  • Remember to include your home address as well as the number/s of your Quadrant.

Quadrant Map and Start Points

  • Quadrant 1: King Confectionary
  • Quadrant 2: Meadowvale Terrace Park
  • Quadrant 3: Greeko’s Souvlaki and Pizza
  • Quadrant 4: Milano’s Pizza

To print a copy of the map:

  • Right-click on map image and choose “View image”:.
  • Hold down the “Control” key and type “P” to print.

Additional Information:

  • You are NOT limited to just one Quadrant – You can submit the secret word for all 4 Quandrants!
  • Paper and pencil might be useful. If you’re participating with children, you may want to pack a towel, bathing suit, water, sunscreen and a snack.
  • At each location you’ll find a laminated copy of the clues. Please leave them there — but take a photo of them so you have all the clues handy as you proceed through the Treasure Hunt.
  • Note: if you’re really stuck and can’t solve a clue, send an email to for a hint!

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