During Round 1 of the Review’s public consultations, input was gathered regarding Ottawa’s current ward boundaries and any desired changes. Based on this input, as well as on analysis of factors such as population trends and statutory and common law requirements, the consultant team prepared an Options Report that includes five options for new ward boundaries.

The consultant’s email gives more detailed information about Round 1 and the release of the Options Report. It also outlines future steps in the Ward Boundary Review, including the opportunity to participate in Round 2 of public consultations.

The Chair of the CCA’s Development Committee, Robert Brinker, has reviewed the 5 options. In short, Options 1 and 2 have little or no impact on Carlington. Options 3 and 4 show that the area bordered by Carling/Merivale/Kirkwood would be a part of Kitchissippi Ward. Option 5 is a merger with the Capital Ward as well as part of Alta Vista Ward.

We are also including comments on the 5 Options made by Lorne Culter, (president of the Federation of Citizens’ Asosciations).

Robert Brinker’s full comments on the 5 Options and their potential impact on Carlington are available as a PDF document. The CCA Board would like to get an idea of what residents in Carlington think of these five options, so that they can be a voice in the discussions, so if you have any comments, please send them to: communications@carlingtoncommunity.org

Thank you.