Not everything about our lives under COVID-19 is negative! Somebody, or several somebodies, have been decorating Carlington with small painted rocks, here and there and everywhere. Some children are starting to paint and decorate their own rocks to add to the rocks they’ve seen already scattered throughout our neighbourhood. It’s now becoming a “thing” to find and enjoy the painted rocks as families go about their daily walks. In fact, it’s such a “thing” that other people are noticing too:

We thought it would be a nice idea to “collect” all the painted rocks on their very own Carlington Painted Rock page.

Remember to bookmark this link so you can go back and check:

Send a photo of the rock and a short comment about what the rock has meant to you to:

I see on the CCA website that you’re looking for pictures of the painted rocks around Carlington.  I’ve seen a few of them but the one below is located along Laperriere Ave.  I pass by it every morning as I walk my dog and throughout the pandemic it has been a wonderful reminder to simply be kind to others as we all navigate these uncertain times.  A big thank you to whoever painted it and put it out for everyone’s enjoyment – makes me smile every morning! 
Thanks! Ashley