In the event that the federal government (Infrastructure Department) awards capital projects later this year, as expected, as part of their recreational capital infrastructure allocation, we need to be ready to go ahead with the expansion of the Alexander Community Centre. 

Please share this link with your local contacts, and encourage them to participate, it is important we receive a good response.

The Alexander Community Centre Needs Assessment Survey is now live on the City of Ottawa website.

A ‘buck-slip’ flyer will be mailed to all households in Carlington – Caldwell next week, inviting them to participate in this exciting process.  Residents of Central Park will also be invited to provide their input as the Alexander Community Centre is their local Centre as well.

Riley acknowledges that, with the COVID-19 emergency, our focus may be on more pressing items.  That said, Riley was also recently reminded by a local resident that, with many of us spending more time at home, perhaps this brief survey will be a welcomed reprieve. 

The data compiled from this survey will be used to design draft illustrations of an expanded and renovated community centre.  This project remains one of Riley’s priorities as our City Councillor.

Riley expects to host in-person and on-line consultations later this calendar year to seek additional input from you and our community as designs become more precise to ensure it reflects our vision.

Thank you in advance for participating in the Alexander Community Centre Needs Assessment Survey.