You have heard that the 53-year-old Alexander Community Centre (A.C.C.) needs to be renovated, and preferably expanded. But what you might not have heard is that it’s one of many projects in line for funding through a federal initiative.

We would like to encourage you to copy/paste the text below into an email and send it to MPP Jeremy Roberts as he is involved in the decision-making process, so that he is aware of our support and about all the positive impacts that we believe a new and expanded A.C.C. would have for Carlington.

Background: The federal government requested proposals from the City of Ottawa as part of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program: Community, Culture and Recreation Stream. The City submitted 36 proposals, one of which is the A.C.C. First, the Ontario government has to vet this list, before it is then submitted to the federal government. Our City Councillor, Riley Brockington, has been speaking with several of our local representatives for years about our need for an upgraded A.C.C.

Your emails to our Ontario MPP Jeremy Roberts will highlight the Carlington’s need for an updated A.C.C.

Please copy/paste the following into an email:



Subject: Why Carlington desperately needs a new/expanded Community Centre

As a resident of Carlington, I am writing to you to encourage your support of the renovation/expansion of the Alexander Community Centre as one of the projects submitted by the City of Ottawa for funding under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program: Community, Culture and Recreation Stream.

There has been a great need for the last few years for our community to have an improved community centre. Amongst other concerns, our current community centre is 53 years old, needs to be made more wheelchair accessible, and needs to be larger in order to serve a community that includes many new Canadians and refugees, as well as the many residents living in our community with limited resources at their disposal. Carlington has also been identified as a food desert and as a neighbourhood with a higher crime rate; many current programs at the Alexander Community Centre address these needs but they could have much more effectiveness if it were not for the age and size of the current structure.

For several years now, our City Councillor, Riley Brockington, has been speaking to you and several of your colleages, at both the provincial and federal levels, about the need for our Alexander Community Centre to be pulled into the 21st century so that it can better address the current, and future, needs of our community.

I, and other residents of Carlington, call on you to support funding for a re-vitalized community centre in our neighbourhood


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