The first Winterfest at Meadowvale Park was a great success, thanks to good weather, a great turnout, and a great team of volunteers.

Over 35 kids and adults got suited up in skates that had been donated and there were SO many smiles as lots of people glided onto the ice for the first time! Several families of new Canadians were fully outfitted with skates and so excited to learn!

While the event was scheduled to end around 2 p.m., it was after 5 p.m. before the park and ice cleared out! And best of all there were 12-15 kids and families continually on the ice all day Sunday! The skating bug is going around.

Many thanks to the volunteers who made this event a success: they served food, helped fit and lace up skates, taught beginner skate skills, did face painting, took photos, facilitated bird feeder crafts, led tug-o-wars, ran sled relays, curl bowling and ball hockey and so much more!

Everyone was also pleased to welcome Constable Darren Joseph of Carlington’s Neighbourhood Resource Team, City Councillor Riley Brockington and Ana Ticas from Ottawa Community Housing to the Winterfest.