The Chair of the CCA Development Committee, Robert Brinker, gave a quick update on several major projects (1110 Fisher Ave., 966-974 Fisher Ave., 1305 Summerville, Travelodge, Westgate, 1272 Carling).

Robert’s complete presentation is available in PDF format (702 KB).

A Workshop was held at the Alexander Community Centre on January 14, 2020, about Ottawa’s Official Plan. During the workshop, residents reviewed the current zoning map for Carlington and learned about the possible zoning changes that could be implemented in Carlington. They then made suggestions such as: more people-friendly access along Merivale Road, emphasis on green space and the area’s heritage, additions/improvements to bike paths, and 2 new pedestrian crossovers. The full list of suggestions is part of Robert’s presentation (link above).

An R4 zoning review is taking place, to allow apartment buildings to be built on lots that are smaller than the current 15m width. A map of an example of a street that might potentially be impacted by this review (Dorchester Street) was included in Robert’s presentation. Carlington’s Development Committee its comments in a letter to the City’s Zoning Team.

Robert’s presentation also includes a map showing Ottawa’s “Nodes and Corridors” — nodes are areas of high-density activity/building, corridors are the major roads between nodes.