The new Official Plan provides a strategy and policy framework to guide development and growth over a 28-year period from July 2018 to July 2046. New projections are required to estimate the growth that will occur over this period. The projections begin with population growth, being the driver for household growth and employment growth.

The purpose of the attached Growth Projection Methodology Document is to:

  • explain the methodology and assumptions in the growth projections;
  • present the results of the scenarios developed, including the recommended Medium Population Projection as the basis for growth projections in the new Official Plan;
  • develop the projected housing demand from 2018 to 2046; and,
  • develop the projected employment from 2018 to 2046.

Click below to download the document:

DOCUMENT X: Growth Projections for the New Official Plan: Methods and Assumptions for Population, Housing and Employment 2018 to 2046 (PDF format, 1.6Mb, 48 pages)