In the spring of 2018, a “Campus Engagement Group” was formed to bring together the interests of patients, neighbouring communities, and other stakeholder groups and institutional partners for deliberative discussions on the planning and building of a new acute-care facility to replace The Ottawa Hospital’s aging Civic Campus.

The New Campus Narrative (PDF format, 1.6Mb, 29 pages)

This report, the first in a series, is a “Narrative”, reflecting the views and deliberations of that group nearly a year and a half later. It explains how the hospital/ community relationship has changed over the past half century, in order to clarify the partnership that everyone wants for the future.

The point of this narrative is to help guide discussion and decision-making. The narrative is critical in achieving community ownership for the new campus, to fashion a vision of the new campus that defines the community’s goals, identifies the issues that need to be discussed, and explains the context around them from a community perspective. The narrative provides “the big picture” of the project.

If you have any comments, please contact Robert Brinker, who is a member of the Campus Engagement Group, representing the Carlington Community Association: