For several months, the City of Ottawa has been undertaking the Rental Accommodations Study, whose goal is to conduct a review of regulations governing private sector rental properties, to address public health and safety, consumer protection, community nuisances and other areas of municipal concern. This review includes a review of policy options to address housing conditions, student housing, rooming houses and shared accommodations.

The consultant reports from Maclaren Municipal Consulting are now available for public review as a PDF file (3.07 MB). (All information pertaining to this Study are also available on the City of Ottawa website:

The reports include the consultants’ recommendations along with a summary of the consultations conducted to date. City Staff will consider these recommendations and supporting arguments as they prepare final recommendations for the staff report. The City staff report will be considered at a Special Meeting of the Community and Protective Services Committee on November 15, 2019 and City Council on November 27, 2019. The City staff report will include recommended policy frameworks for the regulation of rental housing and short-term rental accommodations as well as recommendations concerning additional hotel, motel, and bed and breakfast regulation.

City Councillor Riley Brockington would like to thank all residents who have been very engaged on this city-wide policy review. He invites you to share your feedback with him prior to the City Council vote on November 27 for the final recommendations.