The Carlington Community Association is pleased to announce that, from an amazing pool of applications, two proposals were selected as recipients of the Second Annual Carlington Community Grant:

  • a Winter Party from the Neighbours of Meadowvale Terrace Park and
  • a Carlington Weather station.

Meadowvale Terrace Park Winter Party was initiated by the newly-formed Neighbours of Meadowvale group. These neighbours came together as a result of the recent Safegrowth Project for Meadowvale Terrace Park. Safegrowth is a program designed to prevent crime in areas such as underutilized parks. These neighbours recently adopted Meadowvale Terrace Park and want to create a vibrant and engaged resident community around the park. This community party will do just that.

The Weather Station project engages residents of all ages to design, develop and build a weather station for collecting local climate and environmental data for Carlington. The project will facilitate interest in science, technology and computer programming among children and adults in the Carlington Community. Children in particular will have the opportunity to develop their own weather station system, develop coding applications, learn about seasonality, weather and climate change.