Earlier this October, City Councillor Riley Brockington contacted federal election candidates in Ottawa Centre, or their representative, to seek their vision and commitment on two specific questions (see below).

We put the unedited, unaltered replies from the candidates who responded into a PDF file. Riley made every candidate aware that their replies would be publicly disseminated before election day. You may share this information as well.

Question 1: The Alexander Community Centre is the main city facility in the Alexander neighbourhood of Carlington. It is 52 years old and serves a large socio-economic and diverse population. The community seeks to engage in an extensive consultation that will identify what we would like to see in a renovated and expanded community centre. The total cost for this project is estimated to be between $4-5 million. Given the on-going challenges with local poverty, crime issues, sufficient recreational opportunities for youth, programming for all age groups at least six days a week, need for summer camps, etc, will you commit to work with me to see this renovation through, particularly to acquire a one-third to one-half contribution from the federal government?

Question 2: The Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa’s jewel in the crown, was recently in the news for having some of the cleanest air in the City. The Farm was established in 1886 as the central research station for the federal Department of Agriculture. The Farm continues that scientific focus as the location for laboratories and research plots for the Ottawa Research and Development Centre. The Central Experimental Farm is also a National Historic Site of Canada and home to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada headquarters. Given the importance of the Farm to Canadians for the research that is conducted, will you lead a campaign to ensure that the Farm is not only designated a National Historic Site, but that legislation is passed to enshrine the lands as we know them from any future development. Will you commit to protecting the Farm lands?