7:00 PM
Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes – February 12, 2019 General meeting
Introduction of 2019/20 Board of Directors

Heather Douglas, SafeGrowth Project

7:35 pm
Councillor’s Report

7:55 pm
President’s Introduction and Update (Charity Bartlett):
Recent and coming events
Priorities for 2019/20

8:10 pm
Development Report (Robert Brinker)

8:20 pm
Finance; Outcome of Grant Applications (David Hoey ):
2019/20 Budget
CCA Community Grant decision 2019

8:35 pm
Activities Committee (Adele Stubbert)

8:45 pm
Greening Committee (Melanie Zahab)

8:55 pm
Other Business

9;00 pm

Download February Draft General Meeting Minutes