1305 Summerville Avenue Site Plan Application

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to permit an infill, three storey low-rise apartment building, at 1305 Summerville Avenue, located east of the existing apartment building on the property. The building is proposed to contain 18 new dwelling units

The proposal will facilitate the construction of a three storey low-rise apartment building, which will feature of a variety of materials for the cladding including brick, cement panels and glass. As part of the development, the applicant is proposing a 5-space surface parking lot, landscaped and communal areas in the front and rear yard and a 1.5 metre wide walkway to access a barrier-free suite, bicycle parking and garbage storage. I do acknowledge the minimum required parking that is being provided for the application. Although I am concerned with the potential for spillover parking, the parking provided does meet the requirement of the zoning bylaw. I should also note that the applicant has confirmed that there are parking spots available on both neighboring properties to accommodate surplus parking requests they may have for the proposed building.

In order to facilitate the proposed development, the proponent intends to apply for a severance. The retained parcel, which will contain the new building, will have a lot width of 18.53 metres and lot area of 762.21 square metres. A Minor Variance will also be required for reduced interior side yard setbacks from both the east and west lot lines.

If you would like to view the plans and reports associated with the site plan application, please visit www.ottawa.ca/devapps and insert 1305 Summerville into the file search tool. Please provide any comments on the development application to Robert Brinker development@carlingtoncommunit, City Planner John.Bernier@Ottawa.ca, or Riley.Brockington@Ottawa.ca by May 7, 2019.