Dear Carlington Residents,

Many people here in Ottawa are advocating for action on climate change at the municipal level. At the upcoming April 16th meeting of the Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Water and Waste Management, City Councillor Shawn Menard is considering putting forward a motion for Ottawa to declare a climate emergency.

The members of this committee are: Scott Moffatt (chair), Shawn Menard (vice-chair), Riley Brockington, Catherine McKenney, Allan Huble, Keith Egli, Jean Cloutier and George Darouze.

If you are interested in supporting this motion, you can send an email to our own River Ward Councillor Riley Brockington at

We have included here below a sample email for you to copy/paste.

Dear Councillor Brockington,

I know that you have been aware of environmental issues and I very much hope that, in keeping with your environmental commitments, you will support the motion for the City of Ottawa to declare a Climate Emergency. I understand that Councillor Menard will be bringing that motion to the Environment Committee on April 16th and then, hopefully, bring it from there to full council. I hope that you will do everything that you can to support this motion at committee and at the full council.

As you know, the City of Ottawa finally decided to dedicate some funds to measuring and tracking its greenhouse gas reductions. This is an important step but will be hollow without real, concerted action to actually reduce those emissions. The science indicates that it is urgent to decrease emissions immediately.

There are plenty of opportunities for the City of Ottawa to decrease its emissions; the new transit system on its own is not sufficient. Likewise, there are many ways that the city could increase the tree canopy and thereby counter emissions. Many other cities, including Vancouver, Halifax, Kingston and many municipalities in Quebec have already declared Climate Emergencies in their jurisdictions.

I very much hope that you will act on this important issue.