Tragically on Wednesday there was a shooting in Carlington resulting in a homicide. On Thursday afternoon, a group of mothers living in the area organized a rally / demonstration, calling for action to make their community a safer place to live. The CCA, like all Carlington residents, is concerned about the recent violence. The CCA supports this group of mothers in their desire to make a safe place where they live for them and their families. 

Carlington Community Health Centre (CCHC) workers, along with police and Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) staff were on-site going door to door, listening to the concerns of residents and staff who work in the area. OCH along with partners will be meeting with the community residents who organized the rally to address their concerns. In addition, a number of previously-planned community events will allow residents to continue to express their feelings. 

The CCA is appreciative of the work that OCH, CCHC and other partners are doing to address this traumatic event that not only affects the residents who live in close vicinity to the event but the rest of Carlington who want all of Carlington to be a safe place to live.

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