CCA was encouraged by the large turnout at the Carlington Community Safety Night on October 27, 2016.  Thanks to all the stakeholders and organizers for attending and presenting such vital information. Thanks also to residents for the important questions and discussion. A summary and the slides presented are available here:

The main concerns expressed at the meeting were focused on repeated thefts and trespassingpublic drug dealing/prostitution/etc (with lack of attention/investment in safer spaces a significant component)and frustration with reporting (particularly the apparent disconnect between recommendations by community police reps and dispatchers).

Councillor Brockington has committed to addressing the reporting issue with Ottawa Police Services (OPS) and will communicate progress on that front. The other two issues were acknowledged by OPS and Ottawa Community Housing and all stakeholders will continue to work towards more effective responses and solutions.

One of the key takeaways however, was the clear impact residents can have by communicating with each other, sharing information, and organizing neighbourhood/street level channels for monitoring and outreach. This is a critical component in creating a safer, more unified neighbourhood and the CCA encourages all areas of the community to create an environment of ownership and proactivity around safety. There are many resources available to support this:

  1. Community Safety Audits
  2. Neighbourhood Watch Groups
    • Connect with the Carlington NW group and consider employing these resources in your neighbourhood.
  3. Crime Prevention Ottawa (CPO) resources, including:
  4. Ottawa Police ServicesMake the Right Call” Info

CCA will continue to share as much information as possible and encourages residents/neighbourhoods to share their experiences so we can promote successes, challenges, and best practices. Thanks for all your input Carlington and stay safe!