Sadly, Carlington was the site of another violent incident on Thursday evening, when a man was attacked on Rosenthal Avenue and was later pronounced dead in hospital. This comes on the heels of difficult week for our neighbourhood, with discussions around on-going violence at the Suya Spot restaurant dominating the local news. We felt there was real progress being made on that issue and to have another disturbing incident take place so soon is challenging for everyone.

The CCA is in contact with key stakeholders involved in the response and we will share any information we can, when it is available. We have also discussed with Councillor Brockington the need to hold a public meeting — and possibly a series of meetings — to address community safety concerns, highlight the resources available to residents, and present a plan of action for our neighbourhood moving forward. We understand the frustration many residents are feeling at this time and intend to present options for the community to have a distinct voice in how public safety is managed in Carlington. We hope to see the first session organized within the next few weeks.

While the CCA is communicating with subject matter experts and key stakeholders during this time, we especially want to hear from you and your thoughts/ideas for responding to issues of community safety. Please offer your suggestions for channelling community input in the comments section below, on our Facebook/Twitter feeds, or directly at It is important that any plan for our community be informed and directed by residents, and we want to hear what you have to say.

Finally, the CCA wants to express thanks and appreciation to all those who responded to the victim of yesterday’s attack, which included neighbours as well as paramedics and police. Thank you for being so brave and so caring.

Stay safe Carlington! We hope that through mutual efforts, we can won’t have to use that sign off anymore…

CCA Board of Directors