At the CCA General meeting on March 23, the Ottawa Mountain Bike Association (OMBA) presented a proposal to construct a bike park and trails on Carlington Hill. The OMBA proposal can is available as a PDF document (3.0 MB).

Since then, the CCA has been engaged in an ongoing dialogue with residents — both those in support of the idea and those with serious concerns. We also created a survey to gauge the feelings of residents and to solicit specific feedback (the online survey can still be accessed here). {Note: survey is now closed.}

Based on the constructive input provided by the community, the CCA has revised its approach to the OMBA proposal. Please note the following changes:

  1. The original plan was to have CCA members vote on whether to approve the entire proposal at our AGM on May 25 (including all four phases/components). The revised approach will be to only vote on Phase 1 of the proposal. Phase 1 involves a pump track and skills area to be installed on the ledge between the reservoir and the top of the Hill.
  2. Phase 4 of the proposal (creating a trail network through the wooded areas and connecting to established bike paths) has been dropped from consideration. The idea of creating new paths through the woods caused much concern amongst current users, had the greatest risk of impacting local wildlife, and ultimately had minimal value as a resource.
  3. Phase 2 and 3 (including jumps on the east slope and trails/berms on a small section of the main slope) will not be considered for approval at this time. These will be put on hold until Phase 1 (if approved) has been tested and the community has an opportunity to assess the potential value of further facilities.
  4. A reminder that residents must be a member of the CCA in order to vote on this proposal on May 25. Memberships can be obtained here. Note that CCA memberships are pay-what-you-can (including $0.00) and will be valid until May 2017. All proceeds from memberships go towards supporting CCA activities and events throughout the year.

OMBA has created an info-graphic (PDF format: 0.5 MB) that provides more specifics on how Phase 1 would look. They can be contacted directly with further questions at

The CCA has created our own Question & Answer Sheet to help residents in their decision making on this proposal. We understand that Carlington Hill is a unique and valuable resource for our community and our goal is to ensure opportunities to add value to our neighbourhood are balanced with the need to be respectful of our parks and natural resources.

If you would like more information or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the CCA president at

Please note that the CCA will be hosting an info session at Raven Park on Saturday May 7 at 9:30am. This is intended for residents in the immediate vicinity of the Hill but all are welcome. It will be an informal discussion and an opportunity to learn more details and ask questions. Please join us and spread the word!

Many thanks to the HUNDREDS of community members who have filled out the survey and offered their feedback on this issue!

See you at the AGM on May 25!