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Update on The Ottawa Hospital Rebuild onto the Central Experimental Farm: CCA Report

July 22nd, 2015 Comments off

CCFA meeting concerning The Ottawa Hospital’s plans to build new Civic Hospital campus on Experimental Farm land was held on July 9, 2015.

The meeting was called by Cameron Love, Executive Vice-President/Chief Operating Officer of The Ottawa Hospital, with the intention of informing and updating both Councillors and community associations on the Ottawa Hospital expansion plans.



In Attendance:

  • Cameron Ketchum, President, Carlington Community Association (CCA);
  • Peter Eady, Vice-President, Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association;
  • Riley Brockington (and staff), Councillor, River Ward;
  • Jeff Leiper (and staff), Councillor, Kitchissippi Ward;
  • Joanne Reid (Vice President, Planning and Support Services)

CCA President meeting notes:


Overall, the meeting was positive and informative and allowed for questions, concerns and recommendations to be communicated clearly. Most relevant notes are as follows:

  • According to the Hospital VP/COO, the decision to use the Experimental Farm site is final i.e. future information meetings and consultations will be on design and planning processes, not location.
  • Note that advocacy efforts dedicated to questioning and/or reversing this decision are continuing.
  • The Ottawa Hospital has pledged to share some background information on what factored into the decision making process, what other sites were considered, projected usage figures, timelines, etc. This information will be shared by the CCA once received.
  • A commitment was made by The Ottawa Hospital to meet with the local community associations and Councillors, on a continual basis, informally, for information sharing.
  • The Ottawa Hospital pledged to hold a public information session, with time for public discussion, in mid to late September. A full overview of how the decision on the Experimental Farm site was made will be provided. The meeting will be held in either Carlington or Civic Hospital neighbourhoods.
  • Note that the Carlington Community Association, the Island Park Community Association and the Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association are communicating closely on this issue and plan to jointly ensure that neighbouring communities have a strong voice and an appropriate role in this process moving forward.

Other key points shared at the meeting:

·     Consideration was given to close the Civic campus and move all services to the General/Riverside locations, or alternatively, rebuilding the Civic while maintaining services at the Civic. Both options were considered too expensive, logistically challenging and too lengthy to complete (up to 25 years).

·     Building on a new site is anticipated to take around 3 years once construction begins, but will take upwards of 10 years (likely longer) for the entire design and consultation process to be completed.

·     The Hospital VP/COO showed a preliminary/draft mock-up of a proposed design , created in consultation with the NCC. A     Priority will be on incorporating the surrounding environment into the campus, as well as ensuring effective client/traffic flow.

·    A redevelopment of the Holland/Island Park/Fisher intersection will likely be required to improve traffic flow.

·    The Ottawa Hospital is in ongoing discussions with the City of Ottawa to commit to a plan for secondary transit options for Carling Ave (light rail). This would allow the plans for parking/traffic flow to be streamlined.

·    Concerning the future of the existing Civic Hospital building, a comprehensive needs analysis will be conducted for alternate medical care/needs.  If the current property is not used for medical care purposes, the land reverts back to the City of Ottawa.

·    Both Councillors and community association representatives emphasized the importance of community outreach and information sharing, along with consultation on the design phase. Community associations must be considered partners in the consultation process.

The Carlington Community Association is planning to organize a special meeting on this issue. The meeting will be open to CCA members and the Carlington community. The date and time will be communicated primarily through our website ( and our e-CCA (e-newsletter) mailing .

If you would like to comment on this issue please use the comment section below or E-mail








Incident on Anna Ave

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Yesterday there was a violent incident on Anna Ave that resulted in the tragic death of a Carlington resident and neighbour. The CCA would like to express condolences on behalf of the community to the family and friends of the woman who lost her life, as well as to all those affected by this incident and its aftermath, including those living nearby.
Please do not hesitate to contact the CCA with any questions, comments or concerns:
Thank you,
CCA Board of Directors

Bike clinics (free!) in Carlington

July 20th, 2015 Comments off

Bike ClinicTwo Bike Clinics (free!) are being held in Carlington.
If your bike needs minor repairs we'll try to help:

Thursday July 23, 2015
6-8 pm
Alexander Community Centre
960 Silver St.
Thursday July 30, 2015
6-8 pm
across from Caldwell Gym
(1520 Caldwell Ave.)
The bike clinics are organized through the Carlington Community Health Centre, in partnership with Cycle Salvation. Volunteers are community members trained in minor bike repairs.

Special Events at the Alexander Park Wading Pool!

July 16th, 2015 Comments off

Alexander Park Special Event

Friday, July17th, 11am-4pm:

Join the City of Ottawa for summer fun , featuring arts and crafts, prizes, field games, and water games around their “Alien Invasion” theme. It should be fun! They have a tug of war rope, as well as a slip and slide.


Nature Canada celebrates Moth Week in the capital!

July 14th, 2015 Comments off

Nature CanadaJoin Nature Canada and local nature experts for a NatureBlitz on Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th in Ottawa’s Carlington Woods area! The event will feature walks, talks and presentations over a 24-hour period from 12pm Saturday until 12pm Sunday.

For more details please visit


Pub Night

July 7th, 2015 Comments off

Join us for Pub Night at Bowman's Bar&Grill on Wednesday, July 8, 7:30pm.
Good friends, great neighbours! All welcome!