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CCA Rain Barrel Sale: less than 2 weeks left!

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Less than 2 weeks left to order your rain barrel and accessories!

Place your order at Funds raised will be used to support community initiatives in Carlington.


Rain barrels are great for watering plants...

rain_barrel_ferns (2)


                      ...and for thirsty dogs!


Barrels will be delivered on Saturday, June 7 at 900 Merivale Rd (CCHC parking lot) between 9 am and noon, as part of the Carlington Yard & Plant Sale.

The CCA's sale is the last $55 rain barrel sale in Ottawa!




Carlington’s Yard & Plant Sale: the 2014 edition!

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Saturday June 7, 2014 – Rain or Shine!
8:30 am to 1 pm
Harrold Place Park, Laperriere Ave (between Merivale & Kirkwood) & throughout Carlington

Carlington's answer to the Great Glebe Garage Sale - a great way to find new items for your garden, meet some neighbours and fundraise for the CCA at the same time!

Join us with your items at Harrold Place Park or put out signage to direct people to a sale at your home.


Laperriere poster


AGM Minutes May 2013

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7:00 pm, Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The meeting took place at the Alexander Community Centre, 960 Silver Street, Ottawa.


33 people, including:

Members of the 2012-13 CCA Board of Directors

Councillor Maria McRae and staff

Members of the CCA

Other members of the community

1)  Welcome and introductions

Josh McJannett (meeting chair) called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

2)  Establishment of quorum

Josh McJannett asked all CCA members for a show of hands and confirmed establishment of quorum for the AGM.

3)  Adoption of the Agenda

Motion: That the agenda be adopted as amended.    

Moved: Jeanne Burgess; Seconded: Susan Pfister  Carried

4)  Approval of the minutes

a)  Annual General Meeting of May 2012

Motion:  That the minutes of the 2012 AGM be approved.

Moved: Margaux Carson; Seconded:  David Darwin  Carried

b)  Minutes from 2012-13 CCA meetings

Motion:  That the minutes of the following meetings be approved: September 11, 2012 General Meeting; October 9, 2012 Board Meeting; November 13, 2012 General Meeting; January 28, 2013 Special Meeting; February 12, 2013 General Meeting; April 3, 2013 Special General Meeting; and April 9, 2013 General Meeting.

Moved:  Phil Bartlett; Seconded: Linda Dodd  Carried

5)  President’s report

Josh McJannett delivered verbally the CCA President’s report for 2012-13. Successes from the past year were highlighted, including unprecedented levels of membership in the Association (131 members), a healthy financial status, and the engagement of both members and other community members in CCA activities and events. Progress against the CCA’s key priorities for the year, including greening Carlington, making the community safer, building a strong sense of community and attracting positive development were also discussed. Thanks were extended to members who had been particularly active during the past year.  Finally, Past Presidents Crout, Kostiuk and Burgess presented recognition awards to long-serving CCA volunteers Linda Dodd and Jerry Pool. 

(Copies of the President’s report were not distributed at the meeting, but it is attached here for reference.)  

6)  Treasurer’s report

Linda Dodd presented the Treasurer’s Report, outlining the revenues and expenditures for the year.  The balance of funds as of April 30, 2013, was $4,018.30, which was a significant increase over the previous year’s final balance.

Motion:  That the amended Treasurer’s Report be received and a copy be attached to the minutes of the meeting.

Moved:  Robert Crout; Seconded:  Diane Zilkowsky  Carried

7)  Upcoming events

Upcoming community events were announced/promoted, including the CCA Family Fun Day (May 20, 2013), the CCA Yard & Plant Sale (June 1, 2013) and the Lepage Avenue Canada Day celebration (July 1, 2013).

8) Elections

Board members not standing for re-election were thanked for their service to the CCA, including Josh McJannett, Margaux Carson, Chelsea Sutcliffe and Darlene Moore. David Grant was introduced as the returning officer for the CCA elections.

a)Report of the nominating committee

The nominating committee presented its report on new and returning candidates for the CCA Board.

Motion: That the report of the nominating committee be received.

Moved:  Susan Pfister; Seconded: Margaux Carson    Carried

Election of the President

There was one candidate for President of the CCA in 2013-14. After calls to attendees for additional nominations from the floor, the nomination period was closed. 

Motion: That the nomination period for position of President be closed.

Moved: Robert Crout; Seconded: Jessica Gibbs    Carried

Diane Zilkowsky introduced herself and spoke to her motivation for standing for position of CCA President.

During a brief recess, CCA members cast votes for the 2013-14 CCA President.  Votes were counted by a volunteer and verified by the returning officer. 

Election of Directors

There were eight candidates for Director of the CCA in 2013-14. After calls to attendees for additional nominations from the floor, the nomination period was closed. The advance nominations and nominations from the floor were recorded on a flip chart for all to see.

Motion: That the nomination period for the position of Director be closed.

Moved:  Robert Crout; Seconded: Margaux Carson    Carried

All of the eight candidates for CCA Director were invited to introduce themselves.

During a brief recess, CCA members cast votes for the 2013-14 CCA Directors.  Votes were counted by a volunteer and verified by the returning officer. 

d)  Announcement of the election results

The returning officer announced that the votes confirmed the election of all candidates and congratulated the new President and Directors:


Motion:  That the ballots for the 2013-14 elections be destroyed.

Moved:  David Darwin; Seconded: Jeanne Burgess    Carried

The date of the next CCA meeting was announced (June 2012) where the new Board would decide on the roles to be filled by the Directors.

9)  Guest speaker:  Councillor Maria McRae

Councillor Maria McRae (River Ward) congratulated the Board and Members of the CCA on another successful year, and thanked community members and volunteers for their efforts.  The Councillor presented highlights from her annual report on current municipal issues and activities, and then a brief question and answer session ensued.  The Councillor indicated that an electronic version of her report would be made available after the meeting.

10)  Adjournment

Motion: That the 2013 Annual General Meeting be adjourned.

Moved:  Phil Bartlett; Seconded:  Linda Dodd    Carried



May 7, 2014 AGM Agenda

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Agenda items
1. Call to order/Welcome
2. Establishment of quorum
3. Adoption of the agenda
4. Approval of the minutes

5. Suya Spot Update
6. President’s report
7. Treasurer’s report
8. Upcoming events
9. Report from Councillor Maria McRae
10. Elections
a. Report of the nominating committee
b. Election of the President
c. Election of directors
d. Announcement of the results of elections
11. Adjournment