Minutes of Meeting – Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Present: Kevin Waghorn, Courtney Beauregard, Linda Dodd, Jerry Poole, Phil Bartlett, Sarah Dalle, Marc Snelling

Guests/Observers: 13 guests and River Ward Councillor, Maria McRae

1.       Call to order – Secretary Marc called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Agenda approved:  Motion by Phil Bartlett, seconded by Kevin Waghorn that the agenda be approved as presented, all in favour.

Motion made by Jerry Poole, seconded by Phil Bartlett that the minutes of the June 12th meeting be approved as submitted, all in favour.

2.       Public comment/official communication

Resignations of President Diane Zilkowsky and Vice-president Michael Kostiuk were announced.

Nominations and volunteers were sought for an acting president.  Kevin volunteered, all in favour.

Nominations and volunteers for a Vice-president were sought, none came forth.

3.       Chair announcements/correspondence/meetings

Treasurer’s report:

  • Cake Café at 1034 Merivale became a sponsor of the CCA at the $250 level. In addition the owner made a personal donation of $100 to the CCA
  • Current bank balance was unavailable.

Greening Committee:

  • A fall cleanup of Alexander Park is scheduled for October 26.
  • Summer cleanups at Alexander park did not get any volunteers.  Although many people expressed interest there were complaints of insufficient communication/advertising.

Development Committee:

  • Some meetings were held over the summer but little progress was made due to disagreements over protocol.
  • The stated aim of the committee is to outline what we would like to see in Carlington.   A starting idea was to divide the community into sub neighborhoods with distinct character and zoning types.
  • Suggested height limits are being proposed for each zoning type.

4. City Report – Councillor Maria McRae

  • Councillor McRae provided a summary of her September report.
  • She announced if anyone would like to go to the Royal Ottawa Hospital dinner and can’t afford tickets they should contact her office.
  • On 1110 Fisher, the file is on hold.  Residents and City staff did not approve of the application by the developer.  Residents on Trent are acting in this matter on their own behalf and not through the CCA.
  • On the “Triangle” at Merivale/Carling,  the water main at Carling and Kirkwood moved a few years ago, on condition that improvements be made on Carling.  Greening is necessary as Emerald ash trees are dying at the Triangle.  More City funding has been obtained and public consultation will be called to get input on what people want to see.  A tentative workshop in October was proposed to draft a site concept.  Planting will start next spring/summer, no ash trees will be replaced before then.
  • Recently there has been a sweep of all streets in Carlington to clean up graffiti. 19 instances found.  All have been cleaned or scheduled to be cleaned.

5.       October General Meeting Planning

Presentations were made on what has been done to date to identify priorities and an action plan for the coming year.  The same focus groups as last year were proposed; safety, greening, development and membership/ events.  It was agreed we should focus on communication and use Viscount Neighborhood Watch to help flyer and that advertising for the general meeting should include detail on items to be discussed and board vacancies.

Suggestion: First fall general meeting may be better in October.

6.       Communication and Information Sharing

Marc volunteered to serve as Communications Officer to handle web posts and e-mail for the carlingtoncommunity.org website.  Content should be sent to Marc who will manage posting and investigate setup of CCA emails and WordPress logins for board members.

7.       Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm