Minutes of Meeting – Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Present: Philip Bartlett, Sarah, Dalle, Linda Dodd, Michael Kostiuk, Jerry Pool, Marc Snelling, Kevin Waghorn, Diane Zilkowsky (President)

Absent: Courtenay Beauregard

Guests/Observers: Maria McRae, Ward 16 Councillor; Josh McJannett, Past President 2012-13; Charity Bartlett, Resident

1. CALL TO ORDER – Diane called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA– Moved by Kevin, seconded by Phil, that the agenda be adopted as presented. Carried.

3. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST BOARD MEETING – Minutes of the April 9, 2013, meeting were approved at the AGM but Diane noted they do not include the motion of support for the Early French Immersion initiative for Gowling school.  The minutes do indicate who moved and seconded the motion, but the actual wording is missing.

4.     REPORTS

A. City Council

  • Councillor McRae reviewed her report with the Board and indicated she would provide an e-version to be included with the minutes for website posting. She highlighted the upcoming Strawberry Social and LRT public open house session.
  • In response to a question from Michael, she clarified that the blue and black box programs generate revenue for the City but that there is no profit from the green bin program.
  • In response to information provided by Diane on scheduled modifications to the Carling/Holland and Island Park intersections,
  • work is to commence within the next few weeks.  Diane indicated she would be monitoring the traffic situation, given the apparently significant increases in volume so far this spring.

B. President

  • Diane expressed her appreciation to Josh and Board members from last year for their support and patience as she gets oriented to the CCA and the broader Carlington community.  She has met with three past presidents – Jean Burgess, Robert Crout and Michael Kostiuk and will be meeting with Josh and with David Darwin to get their perspectives and advice as well.  She will be arranging to meet with Councillor McRae once those meetings are completed to obtain a broader perspective on Council issues and her engagement with the community.
  • Diane also expressed thanks to the previous Board, to event organizers and volunteers for their work to bring community residents together and generating a significant increase in memberships.
  • In the news, the June 12, 2013, edition of Ottawa magazine included ‘East Carlington’ in its’ “Best Neighbourhood Enclaves 2013” article.  This is positive news, but will also generate further pressure to establish CCA policy positions on development within the community.  Phil indicated his intent to address protocols and approach with the Development Committee.

C.       Treasurer

  • Linda reported a balance of $4,688.70 in the bank, with $351.25 in revenue and $1,861.94 in accounts payable since May 31, leaving a balance of $3,178.01.
  • Moved by Linda, seconded by Jerry, that the Treasurers’ report be adopted as presented (copy attached).  Motion carried.
  • There are currently 88 paid-up members.

D.       Development Committee

  • Phil reported the goal this year is to settle on procedures and scope for the committee, after a large learning curve last year.  The intent is to develop supportable statements for good development and balance in the community.  The committee meets the last Thursday of each month.
  • Phil submitted CCA information to the City Infill Study Phase II and has partnered with the Champlain Park Community Association for a presentation at a public workshop being held by the City on June 24. Councillor McRae clarified that ‘height’ is back in for the Phase II study for those areas which were not part of Phase I (which includes all of River Ward).
  • Phil received the updated presentation on 999 Merivale and will review it to determine what changes have been made since the initial CCA consultation.  His preference is to have a public consultation on the proposal as submitted to the City prior to signifying support for the project.
  • 1110 Fisher development application is on hold.  No further comments until the developer submits a revised proposal, however, there is a “For Rent” sign up now at the property.

E.       Greening Committee

  • Sarah reported that while the Greening Committee has not been formally established with Terms of Reference, they have some significant accomplishments.
  • Following an initial overture from CCA earlier this year, VirtuCar is establishing a new car-sharing station at the Macie’s Best Western parking lot (former location of the Lucky Key restaurant)..
  • The CCA formally adopted Alexander Park last year, and is committed to two clean-ups per year.  Spring cleanup was done on May 11, with approximately 12 volunteers helping.   The Fall cleanup will be done in conjunction with bulb-planting.
  • Marc reported on the bulb planting that was done last year and posted pictures on the CCA website.   The flowers were a welcome sight this spring.
  • Links have been made with other community organizations and the Carlington Community Garden. Relocation of the community garden is a concern, since the CCHC development proposal will eliminate approximately 2/3 of the current garden.
  • Councillor McRae will follow up with the Committee to obtain a storage bunker where tools, etc., can be left for volunteer gardeners to access easily.  More volunteer gardeners are needed to help maintain beds and perhaps we can seek donations of tools such as litter pickers.
  • Councillor McRae will follow up to obtain a second “Adopt-A-Park” sign that recognizes the CCA role at Alexander Park.  The consensus was that this sign should be placed at the Marshall pathway entrance to the Park area to enhance visibility.

F.        Federation of Community Associations – June 3 AGM

  • Diane mentioned the presentation by Dennis Jacobs, a former City planner, to the FCA.  Diane will follow up ensure inclusion of the development process info in a training package for Board members, either via the FCA Education Committee or through the CCA website.
  • The focus of FCA work recently has been on input to development issues as part of the five-year review of the Official Plan, and this has been consuming a lot of time for Phil.

G.       Carlington Community Development Framework Steering Committee

  • A general discussion was held on the CCDF and its’ role within Carlington.  Both Councillor McRae and Diane were questioning the effectiveness of the framework approach.  Jerry has been representing the CCA on the Committee but indicated he did not feel it was achieving much.
  • Diane indicated that while it appears the CCDF is targeted to Carlington, in fact it covers a much broader territory.  It also appears work within the Carlington community boundary is limited to the Caldwell/Bellevieu Manor area.
  • Diane will follow up to obtain a copy of the CDF program evaluation report and with Jerry to discuss the issues in greater detail.

H.      Activities

  • Diane expressed thanks to the organizers for two wonderful events.
  • The Family Fun Day was a huge success, although attendance appeared to be down from last year.  There was coverage on CBC and Rogers TV following the event.
  • The Yard & Plant Sale brought in $285 and 4 memberships. 


  • A. Election of Officers – Diane called for nominations or volunteers to allow their names to stand for election.  Linda agreed to let her name stand as Treasurer, Michael put forward his name for Vice President and Marc put his name forward for Secretary.  These individuals were declared elected by acclamation.
  • B. Audit/Financial Review –Bylaw 7.3 requires an annual financial review and/or audit, which is also a requirement of the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.  Given that the CCA does not have revenues of over $100,000, audited financial statements are not required.  However, Diane suggested that we seek a community member who is an accountant who might be willing to do the annual review for the next AGM.
  • C. Budget – Bylaw 6.4 requires determination of annual membership fees.  Diane questioned categories and fee structure, since there seem to be differing opinions and the categories provided in the Bylaw (individual and business) are not the same as the categories on the website (individual and family, no ‘business’ category or rate).  The consensus was rates will remain at $10 per individual, $20 per family, or ‘pay what you can’ for those who cannot afford it.  Diane will follow up with Linda to prepare a draft budget and update banking information.
  • 4. Annual Corporate Information Return – Diane indicated the annual return is required within 15 days of the election of the new Board and circulated the Schedule A forms for completion of Board member information.  Diane will follow up on filing the report.  This item led to discussion of both liability insurance for events and Director and Officers insurance for the Board.  Councillor McRae will follow up with Diane to address options to purchase coverage as a rider on City insurance.
  • 5.
  • Meeting and Events Schedule – The Bylaws require one Board meeting, three general member meetings and an annual general meeting each year.  The consensus was that meetings will be scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, moving to the following Wednesday if there is a conflict with a statutory holiday.  The following schedule was agreed to and will be published on the website:
  • September 11, 2013 – Regular General Meeting – Community Priorities & Planning Session and events for balance of the year
  • October 2, 2013 – Board Meeting
  • November 6, 2013 – General Meeting
  • December 4, 2013 – Brief Board Meeting and Community Holiday Potluck
  • January 8, 2014 – General Meeting
  • February 5, 2014 – Board Meeting
  • March 5, 2014 – General Meeting (establish Nominating Committee for AGM)
  • April 2, 2014 – Board Meeting
  • May 7, 2014 – Annual General Meeting

6. September Priorities & Planning General Meeting – Diane indicated this meeting should build on the work done last year to build on community priorities and develop an action plan.  This will provide a basis for review of committee structure and terms of reference as well as development of a ‘community plan’ document to ensure we remain focused on key priorities and consistent in representing the CCA.

7. Board Member Orientation –  Needs identified included:

  • A. Roberts Rules of Order- Diane will forward e-version to Board members and requirement for use will be incorporated as part of bylaw update.
  • B. Not-for-Profit Corporation legal requirements, including issues regarding indemnification of Officers and Directors – Diane has started consolidating a ‘how to’ manual to document corporate business requirements, etc. and updates to bylaws that may be required to ensure these are met.
  • C. Diane indicated this is the first not-for-profit she has worked with where she has not had to sign a ‘Code of Ethics” document.  She will forward an article explaining the importance of such a governance document to a not-for-profit organization and a template Code for review by the Board.  Board members will be asked to review the document and provide any feedback to her to finalize a document for the CCA.

8. Bylaw Review – Changes to the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act that become effective January 2014 will require a full review of the CCA bylaws to ensure compliance with the Act.  Kevin clarified that existing NFPs will have 3 years to transition to new bylaws, however the existing need to update the CCA bylaws means it makes sense to do a full review for both purposes for presentation at the next AGM.

9. COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION SHARING – A number of issues were raised with respect to management of the website and communications.  It was clear from the discussion that there is a need for a Communications director to address the issues.  This will be addressed further at the September meeting as part of priorities, particularly with respect to website content and maintenance.  There is also a need to review and update the Fundraising document that deals with sponsor advertising on the website.

10. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT – Discussion deferred to September planning meeting due to time constraints.  Diane will prepare a preliminary document and circulate to Board members for input in preparation for the September meeting.

11.  ADJOURNMENT – The meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.