Board Members Present: Linda, Margaux, Josh, Phil, Jerry and Chelsea

Absent: Diane, Darlene, Sarah

Meeting began at 7:05pm – Josh welcomed members and guests

  • Josh gave an overview of the CCA mission, values and goals
  • He indicated that we are volunteer based and organize/participate in several community events as well as park sponsorship
  • An overview of the Board of Directors was provided as well as the process of meeting, voting and agenda items

Approval of Agenda: Phil moves to amend the agenda item #11 to be bumped up to 5th place after the City Update (the board voted and agreed).

Approval of Past Minutes (in Draft): Margaux moved, Jerry seconded.

Missing November minutes (Margaux)

Update from the City

  • Almeera and Pam represented Councillor McRae at the meeting
  • Overview of key items across the city
  • Mention of 110 Fisher Ave application and zoning bylaw amendment
  • We were told comments are extended until April 12, 2013
  • Community members encouraged to provide feedback
  • Question was raised on process – how do we provided feedback to city as individuals

Individuals who want to be heard are encouraged to contact the City of Ottawa’s file lead, Simon Deiaco, who can be reached by telephone at 613-580-2424 x 1564

Residents can send written comments directly to the file lead using the Development Application Search on the City of Ottawa website and searching for application number D02-02-13-0008

Development Committee Report

  • CCA chance to review application and make comments
  • Phil reported on a public meeting held Thursday March 7th which allowed community members immediately affected to voice concerns
  • Tonight Phil will bring forth top 10 recommendations to CCA Board
  • Recommendation: Oppose re-zoning of property at 110 Fisher Avenue (Having heard the feedback of CCA members and local residents, the CCA board met Sunday March 17 and voted to officially not support the proposed R5 rezoning at 1110 Fisher Avenue).
  • Open Floor after report presented

Mary Turnbull, school owner, adamantly opposed to rezoning; Concerns of privacy and child protection;Proposed open community meeting week of March 25th

Reminder CCA is but one vehicle with which to bring voices forward

  • Phil  submitted a copy of the report; Margaux moved and Jerry seconded; Voted all in favour
  • Phil asked the CCA to take a stance and opposed the rezoning of 1110 Fisher Avenue from R2 to R5.
  • Motion to have Chelsea chair this next portion of the meeting. Phil moved; Margaux seconded.
  • Debate began on a motion to oppose the proposed R2-R5 rezoning at 1110 Fisher (moved by Phil, seconded by ?)
  • i). two opinions on the question emerged, the first to take a position now and the other to decline to take a position until the Association had participated in the process
  • ii)      The debate touched on how the Association could most effectively oppose the development with both sides making arguments in favour of adopting or not adopting the motion
  • Josh moved to amend the motion to read: “That the Carlington Community Association has heard the overwhelming opposition of the majority of residents to a proposed R2-R5 rezoning.”
  • i).      The amendment was supported in a vote of 3-2
  • The meeting was adjourned without a final vote on the main motion. No association position was taken at this time.