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Remembrance & Renewal Event Honours Vets

May 29th, 2009


Remembrance & Renewal

Remembrance & Renewal May 29 2009

Planning for the Carlington Community Association’s main event of the year “Remembrance and Renewal” officially took place at our September 2008 association meeting. Jim Wiles from the Royal Canadian Legion kindly agreed to advise us on plans for the Veteran’s Ceremony in May of 2009. Jim suggested a day in the later part of May 2009 as being most practical. It would be necessary to obtain a parade permit from the City at least six weeks before the event. The parade permit arrived only two days before the event even though we sent in the application back in November of 2008. On top of receiving the permit only two days before the event, we were also informed that the permit also would not have be granted unless we could show proof of liability insurance. Luckily for us, our community association had already purchased liability insurance for the event several weeks previous to the event so this last minute requirement was not a problem (but it could have been).

Our intention was to honour the veterans and, in particular, to highlight the role of those who lived in and developed the Carlington community after World War II. This would be connected with information on the “Veteran Houses” which make up a large segment of Carlington and tie in with CMHC’s initiative the “Now House”. We also mentioned our missing War Memorial (from the top of the Carlington Reservoir) and our efforts to find or replace it, preferably in the triangle at the corner of Merivale and Carling.

A date of May 24 was chosen, as was the parade route from Harold Place to W.E. Gowling on Anna Avenue. A longer parade route from the Carling/Merivale triangle was considered, but rejected as it was considered too far a march to W.E. Gowling School on Anna Ave for the aging veterans.

Mr Wiles also asked that while we should invite the local politicians to attend the event, it was important that they not be asked to speak since the focus was to be on the veterans. It later turned out that the Ottawa Carleton District School Board no longer allows Sunday use of it school properties. However, Riley Brockington the School Board Trustee for River Ward convinced the School Board to make a special exemption on our part. At a later date we asked if Riley could act as Master of Ceremonies for the event and he whole heartily agreed. Brian Begbie of W.E. Gowling School was also very interested in the project and he was delighted to host the event, as it was a good example of the school and the community working together. It was also a good learning experience for the students at the school.



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