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CCA Meeting Minutes – January 9th 2007

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Carlington Community Association

Minutes of the General Meeting

January 9, 2007


Members present:

Jeanne Burgess   (President), Wendy Vasbinder (Vice President), Gerald Fitzgerald (Secretary),  Linda Dodd   (Treasurer), Glenn Carr (Director), Michael Kostiuk (Director) and 7 members.



Pat Murphy,   Jeannie Page


Adoption of the   Agenda:

MOTION: To adopt a revised agenda with   the presentation by Fair Vote Canada to be the first item followed by the CouncilorÂ’s Report.

Moved –Michael Kostiuk, Seconded – Grace ---------------, Carried


Presentation by   Fair Vote Canada   (FVC):

The goal of FVC is to change the voting system in Canada to make it more representative.   Jeannie Page gave a presentation outlining the rational for adopting a new voting format. The Ontario CitizenÂ’s   Assembly will be Ottawa over the next 2 weeks to review the voting system in   Ontario.  Information can be   obtained at, and www.geting to the


CouncilorÂ’s   report:

Pat Murphy presented MariaÂ’s report.

  • Maria   wishes everyone a happy and healthy New Year.
  • Carling Avenue – McCormack Rankin has   been contracted to conduct a study for the upgrade of Carling   Avenue from Kirkwood   to Bronson.  The work will be done if money is available in the budget.  There will be   modifications to the intersection at Merivale     Rd. and some bus bays will be removed.  Public open house sessions will   be schedules soon.
  • The Ottawa Police Tactical Unit is using the former Turpin property   for training before the building is demolished.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Signal – at Fisher   and Tunis is being investigated and a report   will be coming.
  • Christmas Lights Tour for seniors was very   successful.
  • ROH signage is under investigation.
  • OC Transpo   acknowledges that there is overcrowding on Route 14.
  • Speeding on Carling Avenue   was sent to the Police for enforcement.
  • City Budget – It will be before City   Council tomorrow to approve the direction.  Final approval will be on February   28th. The details are in MariaÂ’s report.
  • Curb cuts at the ROH   are now done.
  • Pedestrian Crossing at the ROH – A traffic specialists looking   at the issue and needs sketches.  Mike Kostiuk pointed out that alignment of carling Ave. and the   median are not really a past usage issue.  The ROH has a new mandate and this impacts on pedestrian   crossing Carling Ave.  We   are really looking at a new usage.  Mike will work up a summary of the issues and send it to   Pat.

Integrated Road Safety

  • November - tailgating 55 charges, red light   running 509 charges
  • December –police did ride checks working with MADD and focused on impaired driving   and speeding.
  • January – the focus will be following too close and red light running.

Long  Range Financial Plan – the City has a gap in   funding for capital projects.

Maria is on several committees - Transportation (Chair), Transit,   Corporate Services and economic Development, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, and Tourism

Questions and   Comments:

  • Annie Woo asked about the status of the OTrain.  Pat   replied that it is dead and that the Mayor is implementing a committee to look at it.
  • Jonathan Bishop   pointed out that there are no traffic control signs at the corner of Vale and Kingston.  This is a safety issue.
  • There   was a pedestrian crossing study done at the corner of Tunis and Fisher in June.  98 pedestrians crossed and 57 waited   only 30 seconds.  We would like the survey done when university is in session.
  • Grace   commented that handicapped people find that they cannot get wheelchair accessible taxis when they need   them.  Pat replied that the city will be selling more licenses for Para taxis and that Para taxis will have GPS units in them...


Approval of the   Minutes:

MOTION: To approve the minutes of   November 14, 2006.

Moved - Gerald Fitzgerald, Seconded – Michael Kostiuk, Carried

MOTION: To approve the minutes of December 12, 2006.

Moved – Gerald Fitzgerald,   Seconded – Grace ---------- , Carried



  • Jeanne has been invited to a meeting on   Thursday with David Gibbons who is the Community Outreach Officer in the MayorÂ’s office.  She will   use the 2 Year Plan as a basis for her discussions with him.
  • Community Design   Plan (CDP) - There was general discussion on this issue and members felt that we should pursue the CDP   so as to take a proactive approach with City Hall.  We do not want piecemeal action on issues and   we would prefer to take a positive position regarding how residents would like the area to develop rather than   having to take a negative stance and fight ideas that are being imposed on the community.  We also   felt that we should coordinate our work with Kitchissippi residents for issues regarding Carling   Avenue.  Maria has a   particular interest in how Merivale Road   is developed.



  • Winter      Carnival is on January 27th.  We will be   sponsoring an activity/games      for children from 10:00 –   12:00      at the wading pool.  Linda will get      prizes and Deirdre will get the   mini-putt equipment.
  • Spring      Garage and Plant Sale      – We will need a leader for this   project. We will need to advertise      the event and will need reusable signage to put out around the area.   Wendy      knows a person who is in the sign business and can get information.      Deirdre will call a meeting   to plan the event.


Administrative Matters:

  • Community      Design Plan

MOTION: That the Carlington Community   Association strikes a committee to develop a Community Design Plan for Carlington.

Moved – David Darwin, Seconded - Wendy Vasbinder, Carried.

MOTION: That Wendy Vasbinder, David Spackman,   Mike Kostiuk, and Jerry Fitzgerald be appointed to establish a Terms of Reference and Operating Procedures for   the Community Design Plan Committee and that these be presented at the March General Meeting of the Carlington   Community Association.

Moved - David   Darwin, Seconded – Cindy Long, Carried

  • Nominating      Committee

MOTION: To establish a nominating Committee for the elections to be held at the AGM in   May with David Darwin as Chair, Grace ----- and a third person to be appointed by the chair.

Moved – Jerry Fitzgerald, Seconded – Wendy   Vasbinder, Carried

  • Federation        of CitizenÂ’s Associations - The meeting of the FCA is tomorrow in      Hintonburg.  Mike   Kostiuk will      attend.

MOTION:   To renew our membership in the Federation of CitizenÂ’s Associations.

Moved – Mike Kostiuk, Seconded – David Darwin, Carried.

  • Logo      – Cindy and Deirdre have   been working on designs for a CCA logo.  They presented 3 concepts for      discussion.    There was a discussion      on preferences and members generally liked a concept that was a blend of 2        ideas that were put forward.  Cindy      and Deirdre will work to further refine the concept for   presentation to      the membership.
  • TreasurerÂ’s      report – The   Treasurer was asked to prepare a report for the next      meeting.


Adjournment of the   meeting:

MOTION: To adjourn the meeting.

Moved - David Darwin, Seconded – Glenn Carr, Carried.